Thursday, 18 December 2008

Planning Website 14 Days Behind

One of the worst websites I have occasion to use is the one that hosts TDCs planning applications, I have a fairly busy life and don’t have time to get to Margate to look at the important local planning applications, so this site really is a pain.

You need to have a PDF viewer installed on your computer to view the applications, the plans appear with no scale on them so it is very difficult to judge the size of anything. You can’t view the latest plans, there is no map showing where planning applications are, very trying as it often uses different addresses for the same place.

This is an issue that TDC are addressing, they tell me they will be hosting the planning applications on their own site, I made some recommendations for the new site, however if it is any better remains to be seen.
Now I gather that the planning website has a 14 day delay publishing applications, presumably this means some of the applications will be passed before we have had time to look at them properly.


  1. One old cynic to anotherDecember 18, 2008 2:40 pm

    Now why doesn't that surprise me Michael?

  2. It is chrismas thats why

  3. This has been going on for years and TDC denied it even when evidence was produced that some applications were never published and others not published for weeks. Some were published after the decision had been made. The Local Government Ombudsman wrote to TDC Chief Executive asking that applications be published in a timely manner, but to no avail. But according to the TDC head of planning no-one has been disadvantaged.
    They also mix up the plans and publish the applicants addresses rather than the site address. Its a shambles which I am sure will get even worse when they are "totally in control".
    I see they have now been praised (not sure who by) about the speed of processing aplications. Its easy if you decide before the end of the consultation period.

  4. Do we get to see why they still refuse everything for Margate FC?

  5. Jeremy its because they dont like Margate football club its not personal they just DONT LIKE THEM


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