Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lost Lion

I have just been along the Eastcliff and noticed one of the lions has gone, the one pictured above, anyone got any idea what happened?


  1. I seem to recall a year or so ago one was pushed over and broken into two. I am sure Vince had a picture at one time on

  2. Whilst walking past the very spot(near the Granville?) on the afternoon of Sat 3rd Jan it was noted that one of the pair of lions had been damaged(broken in two)probably by being pushed over by something. Very sad!

  3. The Plaque at the bottom of the East Cliff Chine has been half hitched - nice people round ere..

  4. The lion is safe although damaged, I have just received the email below.

    Dear Mr Child,

    I was forwarded your concerns regarding the Pugin Lion; part of a pair
    sited adjacent to The Granville on Victoria Parade, by my Director;
    Brian White.

    Unfortunately the sculpture was damaged over the New Year period.

    It has been removed for safe keeping to a secure storage facility
    pending conservation.

    As this damage has further outlined their vulnerability discussion is
    underway to look for a more secure (but visible ) site for these
    fantastic objects.

    I have informed the local ward councillors, ERA and a press release has
    gone to the local news regarding this matter.

    If you require any further information please give me a call and I'll
    be happy to help.

    Kindest regards

    Louise Dandy
    (Conservation Area Appraisal Officer)

  5. It might have been a car accident on the morning of 2nd January.

    We were heading to the Granville and at that spot a car had left the road (possibly it had rolled down from the road opposite). The police were there at the time (about 10am) and we noticed that one of the lions had been broken in two).

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  7. As an alternative site Ramsgate library would be a good one?


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