Friday, 16 January 2009

Manston Heathrow and Conservative policy

There seems to be some disparity between what KCC, TDC and what the Conservatives are saying nationally about Airport expansion, our two local Conservative administrations seem to be right behind Manston expansion.

This is what the shadow transport secretary had to say about Heathrow’s third runway.

“Theresa Villiers described it as “a bleak day for our environment and for those of us that care about safeguarding it” after Labour gave the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow.

The Shadow Transport Secretary warned, “A third runway at Heathrow would inflict devastating damage to the environment and to the quality of life of millions of people and the Conservatives will fight them every step of the way.”

She highlighted the negative effects that will result from the third runway:
The Environment Agency have warned that pollution from a third runway would increase the risk of serious illness and early death around the airport

MPs as far apart as Reading and Greenwich have expressed concern about the impact of aircraft noise from Heathrow on their constituents

222,000 extra flights a year will massively boost Britain’s carbon emissions”

click here to read the rest of it

Now I live right under the flight path and would put up with a fair amount of extra noise if I thought it would lead to serious economic regeneration, however if it’s going to have a serious effect on my family’s health well that’s another matter altogether.

If you people at KCC and TDC feel that airport expansion at the expense of local peoples health is OK I can only say to you that it’s time you had a serious rethink, or perhaps you think Theresa Villiers is spreading scare mongering twaddle whatever the answer is you can’t have it both ways.

Up till now my stance is that Southern Water, The Environment Agency and TDCs contaminated land officer need to get together and decide if it’s safe and practical to expand the airport with it being situated on the drinking water aquifer.
There is another Environment Agency report stressing the serious situation we are in with regard to water resources click here to read it I am sorry that it’s in the pdf format that government departments seem to favour, if anyone has trouble getting the pages to open email me and I will send it to you in plain text.

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  1. I am desperately sorry for the people in & around Heathrow, particularly those that will be losing their homes, with the announcement of the third runway this week.
    Have the residents of Thanet any idea at all how their lives would be completely F____ D if the same sort of development was allowed at Manston? No- they don't seem to know or care until it happens & by God then they would & complain like hell.
    Fortunately for us, this announcement is yet one more nail in the coffin of Infatril & their devious associates or perhaps another small window of hope for them---gone!


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