Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Shakespeare gone 180

I have just received the following and wonder if anyone can help. The pictures are of the old Town Station.

“I've just discovered through the 1911 census that one of my ancestors ran the Shakespeare pub in Ramsgate just before WW1. His name was Edward Minter. He ran it with his wife Lucy and two sons Percy and Edward.I wondered if you had any old photos of the pub or any other info that I might find interesting.”
My reply below, Ed.

I don’t think I have any old pictures of the Shakespeare Pub it used to be opposite the old Ramsgate Town Station that was demolished in 1926 I will put up a post on my blog and perhaps someone will read it and come up with something.

To be honest with you I now have so many pictures on my various websites that I have rather lost track of what’s there.

The pub was built in about 1859 and named after the class of locomotive that pulled the first train into Ramsgate on the 13th April 1846.

This was a very important occasion for a tourist town that’s economy was reliant on the ease with which people could get here from London.

Around the period you are talking about the pub was famed for its collection of stuffed birds.

It ahs recently been renamed the One Hundred and Eighty in honour of its darts team.

There are two Minters listed in the 1849 directory I publish Major George, 4 Gilford Lawn and James lodging house 3 Mount Pleasant, the street numbering would have changed since then but you can usually work it out by using the other directories I publish up to 1900 where it stabilises.

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  1. images added Ed

    I hope that the attached photos may be of some interest in connection with the Shakespeare Pub

    I live in Essex and enjoy your blogs. I attach photos taken in August 1940 just a few days after the air raid 24TH. They were given to me some time ago by Marjorie Woodward who lived in Station Approach Road. She was away at the time of the raid and took the photos when she returned a few days later

    They show a damaged Shakespeare Pub and there is a "for Sale" notice board on the derelict site of the old railway station on the corner of Station Approach and Margate Road.

    The third photo is of houses 21 - 29 Station Approach taken at the same time and shows damage to Hudsons Mill. On the day of the raid my mother and I (me then aged 8) were saved by our anderson shelter in the back garden of 21 . Sadly Police Constable Fred Ticehurst who lived at No 23 was killed there on that day. Bombs fell at the rear of the houses - ours was unfit to live in for the next five years.

    Keep up your good work Michael . I have most of your local history publications . Best regards Don


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