Sunday, 18 January 2009

The worm that turned, Conficker, Downadup, or Kido

A worm that spreads through low security networks, memory sticks, and PCs without the latest security updates is posing a growing threat to users.

Doesn’t sound very nice does it, well it isn’t.

You may have noticed the news story about the computer worm that has affected 3 million peoples computers click here to read the story.

This problem was been caused because people didn’t do their windows updates, if you haven’t follow the instructions below, Microsoft has produced the patch and the people whose computers were damaged were the ones that didn’t install it.

Click on start programs widows update or if it doesn’t appear there start windows update or if you cant find it at all go to it may ask if you want to install widows update software, ok all of this. Once it has installed the new update software that checks for updates you then get the option to turn on automatic updates do this if you think you are going to forget to keep your computer up to date. Don’t forget to set a time when your computer is likely to be turned on.

Then select custom this allows you to get all of the optional updates. Once it’s grunged away for a bit working out what updates you haven’t had, you get a page come up that says customise your results, all the high priority updates will be selected, you can add any software or hardware optional updates by clicking on the links on the left. You will need to tick the boxes on these. Then click on review updates and make sure all of the boxes are ticked. Then click on install updates and accept the licence terms.

If you have been naughty and forgotten to do your updates for some time this will take quite a while.

After you have done all this it will grunge away for a bit and eventually say the updates are complete and ask you if you want to restart your computer.

Watch the screen when you do this as it will tell you if any of the updates failed, if you are in any doubt that all of this has been successful, go back and do it again.

The picture is from an early albumen is of a Victorian Ramsgate fly tipper.


  1. Michael, When I popped down last month I noticed that the Albion bookshop in Northdown Road had closed. Is their Broadstairs branch still open?

  2. I guess this is where people like me who have pirated Windows software have a big disadvantage...

  3. Ken well done that man.

    Jeremy all the new Albion bookshops have closed Northdown Road, Broadstairs and Canterbury, only their secondhand one in the old chapel in Broadstairs remains open.

    Sorry Jeremy I’m no on twitter.

    Peter if the software works so should the updates as far as I know, however I will post up some alternative things you can do if it won’t.


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