Friday, 13 February 2009

Kent International Airport - variation of S106 agreement

Thanet district Council press release

An extraordinary meeting of full council has agreed to vary the Section 106 agreement to enable some night-time flying at Kent International Airport.

Members last night (Thursday 12 February) agreed to the request, which had come from the airport owners Infratil, who are in discussions with a major European airline that wishes to locate its long haul international aircraft at the airport. The existing 106 agreement, put in place in 2000, defines night-time flying hours as being between 11pm and 7am every day.

The variation, which will last 18 months, will allow aircraft movements between 11pm and 11.30pm and also between 6am and 7am.

A total of 11 movements a week of 747-400 aircraft has been proposed, with only a portion of these scheduled during these times. The arrangements will be reviewed every six months and, as part of the decision, an independent environmental consultant will be commissioned to carry out an assessment of the flights taking place during night-time hours. Infratil has also committed to improving noise monitoring and reporting.

Cllr. Roger Latchford, Cabinet Member for Culture and Economy, said: “Proposals relating to the airport will always spark debate, with members having to strike a careful balance between the environmental impacts on our residents, such as night-time noise, against the potential of creating new jobs. That’s always a difficult decision to make. Having said that, these proposals are for a total of 18 months, with reviews built in during that time, and will see a relatively modest increase in the number of total aircraft movements. Coupled with that, there will also be an increase in monitoring to keep a close eye on the impact on our residents.”
The variation of the Section 106 agreement is subject to the contract being signed with the aircraft operator. It is expected that, if the contract is signed, the new flights would then begin sometime before October 2009.

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  1. At last a company is prepared to do something with Manston this is only the start but long may it continue. Only a few weeks ago some bloggers and posters were saying it would never get off the ground. I'm so glad the whingers were not successful in stopping the expansion plans. If the last one out switches the light off - no probs that was only the W.C. light anyway! There are many of us left in the rest of the house. Rydal-Ranter

  2. Infratil have been invited to tender nothing else as yet, contracts have not been signed yet. Apparently BAWC go out to tender every time the airport contract at Stansted is due for renewal every four years. In 2005 BAWC discounted Manston but invited Heathrow and Gatwick to tender but stuck with Stansted.

    Could this be just a bargaining stick to Stansted or are BAWC serious with Manston. I have no ideas but the costs of relocating would be huge to BAWC.

  3. 14.59 thanks for that I have just checked it out and can confirm what you are saying.


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