Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Manston more safety issues.

Looking at the various safety issues one thing that does concern me is that Thanet Earth had no environmental impact study, so the airport operators were not consulted about aspects of it that could give problems because it is situated under the flight path to the main runway.

Obviously there may be problems with the open ponds of water there, as the airport operator objected to having these on the China Gateway development next to it, waterfowl and jet engines don’t mix very well.

Another aspect of this that concerns me is the large area of relatively delicate greenhouse roof being under the approach to the main runway, I am a bit hazy as to what the effect here could be and have been looking into the matter.

I am yet to discover if this roof has been designed taking into account its proximity to the airport, anyone know?

Today it’s vortex damage I am researching click here to read the relevant documentation the pages are called vortex 1 2 and 3.

Time seems to be running out on this issue and I am not certain that TDC councillors are qualified to make decisions about air safety, nor am I certain that the planning department is necessarily the right place for them to seek advice on these matters.

The picture is of a DC 4 loading at Manston, several of them operated out of Manston and most of them left Manston and arrived on runways at other airports, apart from the Oscar Golf that flew into some trees on the approach at Frankfurt killing everyone onboard, and Kilo Yankee that flew into a mountain killing everyone onboard.


  1. So what TDC is talking about here is the potential for a 747 400 of the BAWC variety to rip your roof off late at night/early in the morning but in Thursdays meeting this will not be mentioned?

    If i was a Nethercourt resident i would be asking some pointed questions at Land Registry, TDC's planning department, their Solicitor and estates agent

  2. 13.44 In all fairness it’s very unlikely and also unlikely anyone would be hurt, as the debris would most likely land in your loft and you would get compensation. With Thanet Earth the roof area is so large that I think it much more likely to happen and of course any debris would land on the people working inside.

  3. Michael, are you anti Manston Airport, anti Thanet District Council or just anti Thanet?

  4. 18.11, are you just anti michael?

  5. Definitely not anti Michael, and this blog is excellent. I just wish there were some more positive comments about Thanet's future. All we Brit's do is find reasons for NOT doing things. There are always issues to be considered, and there will always be risks, but soon we'll not only be planning for perceivable risks, but also risks that haven't been discovered, then we'll do nothing!

  6. 18.11 9.57 Assuming you are one and the same, could ask you to kindly adopt a nickname, this doesn’t effect you anonymity, you don’t have to sign on or anything, it’s just very difficult from my point of view to engage in a dialogue with someone whose identity is a series of random numbers.

    I am not anti airport, council or Thanet, we must have development and expansion locally, but this development must be safe, the proper experts must be consulted and when they are consulted and if they say something is dangerous we must act on that information.

    If you look at this Monday’s post about Pleasurama http://thanetonline.blogspot.com/2009/02/pleasurama-new-plans-and-environment.html you will se that the EA and myself are concerned that there is no emergency escape for more than a thousand people who would be trapped inside in a tidal surge storm.

    Take this as an example, of why I do what I do with regards to public safety issues, the Environment Agency only commented on this issue because of my efforts, however still after five years there are no safe plans.

    Obviously there is no benefit to Thanet to have a dangerous development on one of its main sites as it will blight the site, despite common sense neither the EA nor TDC have any power to stop the development being built dangerously.

    SFP the company behind the development have set up offshore, so they can avoid British taxes on the profit made from selling the apartments etc. so they wont be accountable when the next tidal surge storm comes.

    You may wish to ponder the question; does anyone at TDC or the EA want a dangerous development to be built?

    Which begs the question; do many of the officers or councillors think I am on some sort of other side?

    There is no reason why the Pleasurama development can’t be built safely, the latest plans show a 5 story building but there is only room for a 4 story building between the cliff top and the high tide line.


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