Monday, 27 April 2009

A new age of austerity - Delivering More for Less

Laura Sandys press release

David Cameron stressed Britain needs “a complete change of direction” to deal with the new “age of austerity” in his 2009 Spring Forum speech.

He said the “age of irresponsibility” was coming to an end and we need to take “incredibly tough decisions” on taxation, spending and borrowing to tackle Labour’s Debt Crisis.

“The alternative to dealing with the Debt Crisis now is mounting debt, higher interest rates and a weaker economy. Unless we deal with the debt crisis, we risk becoming once again the sick man of Europe.”

David made clear that the age of austerity means “delivering more for less” – and that requires four big changes for Government:
A return to traditional public spending control

A new culture of thrift in government, including a contractual obligation on all senior civil servants to save the taxpayer money

Curing our big social problems not just treating them, with our plans for school reform, welfare reform and strengthening families

Using technology to transform the way public services are delivered

And he promised to stand up for “responsibility and thrift”:

“Yes, if we win the next election, we may not see the full fruits of our labours in the lifetime of our government. But if we stick together and tackle this crisis our children and grandchildren will thanks us for what we did for them and for our country.”
Read David's 2009 Spring Forum speech


  1. The very fact that he calls this a crisis shows that he fails to understand the situation.

    So Laura please read up on Professor R V Jones, Airey Neave, Institute of Electrical Engineers Research into management in their industry and the Garland Plan of the OIRA.

    RV told the country that if we went ahead and created an effete postwar education system we would be snookered. Yet ahead we went and attempted to teach the brightest nothing about everything. Then when they specialised into university most of em learnt everything about nothing of value to the national economy, defence or health.

    Neave, who postwar was an OC and Home Defence lecturer to TA SAS, became concerned from as early as the 50s that the Soviet predicted that the Cold War would be settled in its final throes by the West losing because of a shortage of engineers and because it would fall for the myth of a service economy.

    The IRA strategy was based on that same analysis (donated by their sponsors the Soviet) plus the inevitable trend to regionalization in Europe.

    The situation is that we have lost because we failed to appreciate that warfare can be conducted by other means than armed conflict.

    If Cameron now analyses the situation as if it were war. What are your personnel assets ? What are your expertise assets ? What are your energy assets ? What are your manufacturing assets ? What are your steel production assets ?

    "First Battalion Human Rights Lawyers left right left right"

    "The Third Dragoon Drama Studies Battalion will enter stage right"

    "The Guards Independent Social Worker Battalion will counsel by numbers"

    "The Public Sector Pen Pushers and Pedants Battalion will whinge enfilade"

    "The aging Royal Engineers Sparkie will perform miracles singlehandedly maintaining the nation's power supply"

    We are ......ed.

    Be nice to China.

  2. Welfare reform! they never change, they just need an excuse.


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