Friday, 9 October 2009

À nous les petites Anglaises (Lets Get Those English Girls) filmed in Ramsgate including the song Ramsgate Rock

This 1976 film is getting a showing on satellite TV this weekend and should be available to most Sky viewers.

The plot is roughly Jean-Pierre and Alain, wealthy young Parisians, are denied their holidays in Saint-Tropez as punishment for having dismally failed in their baccalaureate exams. The two teenagers, aged sixteen and seventeen are sent to England to learn English. Rain and fog... all the makings of a great holiday! The two friends reconcile themselves by thinking about the reputation of English girls... who apparently are no shrinking violets!

Here is a sample from youtube not quite sure why they call it “Teddy Boy”, uh hu.

Another clip here showing Pleasurama before the act of God on on it and Ramsgate Society please note much use of one of our shelters, a Les premier flirts.

Many thanks to reader Paul for pointing this one out to me.

You may be interested in a film being screened on the box on Sunday evening on the French channel TV5 (Sky 799) at 8pm. 'A Nous les petites anglaises' (1975) was filmed mainly in Ramsgate with numerous shots of the harbour and Pleasurama. I've only ever seen short clips and there are a few odd ones on youtube and a film synopsis available at


  1. I arrived back on holiday in Ramsgate the evening they were filming outside the “de Ville” in grange road, so kept a look out for the film when it was released. I missed it at the cinema, but bought it on cassette a few years later.

    Local people were asked to participate in the crowd shots and its worth watching to see who you can recognise. It wasn't only filmed around the Pleasurama site and harbour, there are also shots of the Kings cinema, the shop by Ellington park entrance, The Gunners club, outside the Foy boat, Cannon Rd coach park just for starters.

  2. My god I had forgotten about that I went to see at the flicks when I was about 15. It's funny how you forget these things. we used to hang around Ellington park as kids and I can remember the shop on the corner of Park rd and the high st in the film.

  3. You find some odd stuff Michael I doubt I will watch it but thanks for pointing it out

  4. Rats! I missed it on Sky. Was it in English? I have a French DVD but never found an English version, though IMDB says there was one made.
    I'm the guitarist in the club, along with other members of Flight 56.

    1. The Band who's played in the club was flight 56 ? I search the name of the band sonce long time ago. Thanks

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  8. Comment By Email

    Hi Michael
    Just a comment on the French film made in Ramsgate.

    Rynagh O'Grady who played Doreen ( very well I think ) is the only cast member that I still see on TV and film.
    I have become a bit of a fan and really enjoyed her performances in The Rector's Wife playing Ella Pringle with Lindsay Duncan and Miles Anderson,Widows Peak with Joan Plowright and Mia Farrow, Night Train with John Hurt and Brenda Blethyn, Dorothy by another French director Agnes Merlet and of course as Mary the shopkeeper in Fr.Ted.
    which was such a funny performance.
    I think she was one of the few professionals in A nous les petites Anglaises and has gone on to have a very interesting career in the industry.
    Good luck to her.


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