Sunday, 31 January 2010

Altogether 118 individuals and organisations interested in the future of Thanet, or were there more?

The council have published the results to the core strategy consultation, here is the link interestingly they have published the list of the people who responded to this consultation.

I have decided that as I can’t find my name in the list although I responded to the consultation and received conformation that my response was valid from TDC that my cold is actually man flue.

The list of respondents at is certainly interesting as much for who’s names it doesn’t contain as those it does.

I hope that they are going to go a bit further than just publishing the summary of results at I will endeavour to try and translate this page from gov speak into something people can actually understand, but this may not be easy without my main computer running properly with all of the usual programs on it.
There appear to be 129 entries on the list when I removed the duplications I could only count 117 different entries and once you have removed the organisations you get down to about 80 individuals.
Not many local politicians have commented, not much sign of many of the Thanet bloggers either, although I have saved the resulting document as TDCs hit list, it isn’t really up to being that.


  1. michael, same here, I responded online and don't see my name.

  2. I did too and guess what my name is not on the list either!! That's at least three of us - how many more are there out there??

  3. I commented on the questionnaire and got very old in doing so. I complained about the poor presentation of questions. Since this I have had the strangest e-mails some with no sender and some showing rejections relating to this consultation. I again complained to TDC and of course it is not TDC but a company running this. It would appear to me they have a software problem. Maybe it does not like 'what I wrote'.

  4. sorry, it seems I am on there, just abbreviated to "sh"!

    Maybe I should just sh.....

  5. I am still trying to find out what has gone on here, the online interactive thingy reduced everyone I know to a state of anger and frustration, my own attempts to use it were a complete failure.

    As I happen to know the bloke who wrote the core strategy, I told him to grab anyone from another department in TDC and to get them to try the various methods of responding, one of which was a response for that you couldn’t actually type on.

    The result of this was that the response time was extended by a month, presumably he thought that was about how long it would take most people to respond using the preferred method.

    After that I sent him my response in plain English see and got a reply saying that this was acceptable.

    I am now waiting for them to tell me what went wrong and will post it up when I get some sort of reply, even if it is only, beam me up Scottie.

  6. Knowing TDC they just ditched the majority that did not have positive comments.

  7. 15.33 what a cynic have you had dealings with tdc in the past.

  8. Don you would not be alone.

    TDC will not deal with any responses as it is not comment based...however TDC can comment!!!


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