Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Harbour Parade Ramsgate

Also known in past times as Waterside, East End, Goldsmid Place, Harbour Street and Town Quay, something that can cause some confusion when identifying buildings.

Phil About Ramsgate blog has been putting pictures of old Ramsgate onto the web, see some of which either I have never seen before or I have never seen on the internet so that I have time to study them properly.
The picture above is one of them and immediately prompted the question, is this on the site of the Alexandra Hotel building that is there now
Anyway the net result of all of this is that I have spent most of the day looking at old pictures of harbour parade and the buildings there, trying to work out what was where when.

I wouldn’t say that I am much the wiser but this link takes you to some of the pictures that I have of this part of Ramsgate I am pretty sure that I have published most of them on the internet before but I suppose that any of you who have tried working back through this blog to October 2007 and clicking on the links to pictures of Ramsgate will know that it is quite a task.

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  1. David Miram's book of Old Ramsgate Pubs has a photograph on page 13 of the pier yard c.1900. In the background is the Alexandra Inn which is clearly the same pub and is shown adjacent to the Castle Hotel, which is identifiable as the Atlantis building in your recent picture.


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