Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Computer Bug at The Walpole Bay Hotel and the Brutal Car Park, a Distorted View of Margate.

Having left Margate Museum I continued my journey in Margate http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/laptop910a/id10.htm museums tend to leave us in need of some refreshment.

The paintings in Margate museum had stimulated my artistic senses but unfortunately the car parking had run out.

This made it impossible to dally among the charming old buildings.

No worries though as I remember once asking a council officer what he thought was the most iconic building, his response was the multi-storey car park – I think he may have designed it – not sure if the car park I had to return to was the right one, I decided it would have to suffice.
I am afraid that the architecture of the brutal brings out a desire in me for extreme civilisation, something not always available in 2010, unless of course you know the location of a hole in the time space continuum, fortunately one of these is located in Walpole Bay.
The waitress arrived with civilisation, I am afraid I consumed the strawberry, half a scone and several cups of tea before I remembered to photograph this.
Fortunately there was a waiter available who understood how to civilise first one child
and then the other.
In the ensuing calm I thought I would do some of my computer chores, this went well until I tried to access last weeks planning applications,
as you see my computer developed a bug.
Strangely enough I seem to have the same bug on all of the other computers that I have tried since. Eventually today I tried communicating with various people at the council about this, in case it was their bug.
For some reason none of them have replied, I expect this was armless enough, I don’t suppose they have any applications that they wish to conceal, so we can’t object to them.
Here are the Walpole Bay Hotel and museum pictures http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/laptop910a/id11.htm


  1. Michael, Though I detect a note of irony in your comments about the Multi Storey Carp Arks You cannot blame TDC for them, They are not ours,, we lease them.

  2. I just LOVE the Walpole Bay Hotel,cream tea's on the terrace,yum..

  3. Ken, yes the post has an element of irony, this does though raise the question, is it the council that leaves the lights on when it is, er, light?

    14.45 A comment I wholeheartedly agree with.

  4. I am suprised that Cllr Gregory boasted that TDC leased the carparks. Probably one of the worst business decisions TDC ever made. Not only do they lease them but they have spent £millions repairing them, and they let all the council officers park there for nothing. Just what we need in these times of austerity.

  5. So, these Leases on the car parks..... What's the deal exactly? (anyone done a FOI on them?) what are they costing the tax-payer and is there any way to CPO them while the market is flat and the cost would be less??

  6. Genial post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.


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