Tuesday, 19 October 2010

King just sane enough to make Ramsgate Castle Georgian

After the last post I have had several discussions in the bookshop today about the Liverpool Lawn, Adelaide Gardens development.

I suppose some of Adelaide Gardens and Liverpool Lawn could be called technically Georgian as by the time some of it was built the Prince Regent had become George IV most of both were built between 1822 and 1830. Anything built between 1720 and 1840 is generally called Georgian, although anything built between 1800 and 1830 is generally called Regency, if you are not confused you are probably not following this.
As you can see they weren’t there on the 1822 map and I think Regency is fair enough, of course if George III hadn’t become too insane to rule in 1819 all this would have been Georgian.

You have already been warned about clicking on images twice to make the problem bigger.
Pier castle was built in 1819 according to Charles Busson and as the Regency didn’t start until 1820 then in my book it’s a Georgian castle.
You can see it clearly on this map of 1837 it also appears on the 1822 map, the castle belonged to Mary Townley,
her signature is on the back of the document, with the map on it, that is about flogging some of her land behind it, As well as the business over the footpath, you can’t be to careful about this sort of thing.
As a bookseller I could say, that this is (the castle that is not the footpath) to do with Mary’s reading habits and the 19th century genre of medieval poetry, which stems from the pseudobardic poetry of Ossian, perhaps it would have been better if I hadn’t.
Sorry I digress here, I have twice today found myself defending why a mock gothic castle fits in quite well with what the people saying were Georgian Terraces and others Regency.
I seem to be a bit short of old pictures of Pier Castle (Pete’s Fish Factory and the Belgian Café) strange really it must be about the only Georgian building in Ramsgate not to be listed, I wonder why.

This picture is from the plans to convert the upper floors into flats, sorry it’s a bit splodgy my laptop seems to be allergic to the council’s planning website.


  1. Interesting document. I guess there must be a second page as it ends a bit abruptly ...

    As a matter of interest, there appears to have been a sale of property in Kent Terrace in the green area of the plan slightly earlier (in 1836). I'm not sure if this relates to when Kent Terrace was first built.

  2. Interesting but what has that to do with the councils decision? I am sure the council will let the building to take place. As for listing the castle I am sure it will be now it has been bought to the attention of those who go round doing that type of thing.On the councils planning department everyone's laptop is allergic to it.

  3. Gerald 1 to 5 Royal Kent Terrace were I believe built between 1833 and 1837 and the rest were all there by 1849, the trouble is that the information about the building dates if these buildings is pretty scant.

    English Heritage reckon that most of the terrace was built before it actually was, so not much help there.

    You are right about the document there is a page 2 and of course you are welcome to give it a go.

    Don, the plans for the castle have already been passed and work seems to be underway.

    When it comes to listing I think this is probably down to us.

  4. Michael,

    Yes, it would interesting to see the second page - I'd wondered when these houses were built, and by whom.

    I made a quick transcription of this last night - this is not yet checked, so it probably still has several errors.

    I hadn't realised that the castle wasn't listed. Checking the planning applications I see now that the planning permission was for the castle and 1 and 2 Kent Terrace - whereas the listed building consent was only for 1 and 2 Kent terrace.

  5. Gerald here is the rest of the document http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/1010/id7.htm sorry I didn’t include it in the first place.


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