Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month

Sorry to say I have totally messed up my web statistics this month, this was all down to the new blog design, normally I am resistant to change in these matters and tend to leave anything like the design of webpages well alone.

The problem was though that the old blog design was too narrow to fit in videos, something that have got wider recently.

Once I had selected a new design there was no way back, I even had to select colours, I have some notion in my head that orange goes with blue, so there you go.

Apart from the width, never mind the quality, and of course the change of colour everything else looked the same and it wasn’t until this weekend that I felt the need to inflate my ego and went and looked at the web statistics, only to discover that I had no visits during the last month.

Anyway after realising that I must have looked at my own blog at least a hundred times during the last month, I figured that there must be some other reason. It transpired that the code that the analytics site picks up hadn’t transferred to the newly designed blog with colouring all in the best possible taste.
Who says computers haven’t go minds of there own? Just take a look at the graph of this one waking up after getting its code put back in on Saturday, each dot represents a day. for what it’s worth here are the referral statistics since Saturday

Fortunately blogger started doing their own statistics back in July, so here is there graph for last month.

When it comes to referral blogger’s statistics are much less comprehensive as you see.
I have to admit that I am becoming a bit suspicious of all this traffic that comes from redundant sites like Bertie’s and Richard’s, statistics are very strange though.

There is certainly a lack of new local news coming up on the Thanet blogs at the moment and I suppose the problem there is one of, who pays the piper?

In this respect I am different to most of the other blogs, in as much as every time I post to a greater or lesser extent it promotes my bookshop, with that and being able to type fairly quickly it isn’t much of a chore.

I think that we are moving into a world where it is getting progressively difficult to see how anyone will get paid for writing anything, other than some amount derived from advertising.

Don’t worry I am not going to put averts all over this blog so that it takes ages to open, the vague promotion of the bookshop and local history publications is enough.

Anyway thanks to all my readers last month, thanks to all of those who provided me with information, from the anonymous envelopes through the letterbox to the council officers and councillors who popped in for a chat. Thanks also to those who have bothered to comment or linked to this site.


  1. Michael I dont know if what I blog about is news or something else. I just try and stick stuff I discover on the internet that is relevant to Thanet or if it stikes my heart string. I do promote Barnys site cos he is my oldest mate. I enjoy blogging but like you I dont see how my biggest Souce of Traffic can come from ECR'S defunct site. Maybe he is at home sitting in his shreddies drinking white lightning viewing our blogs?

  2. Perhaps Mrs ECR won’t let him blog Don, but no I don’t know either. On the whole it’s the lack of news that doesn’t appear in the papers that I miss. I will have a look at what you have been posting again and see if I can work out what you blog.

  3. Michael I blog anything I am like a grasshopper bouncing from one thing to the next. I try and promote Thanet as much as possible cos I love it here.


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