Saturday, 1 January 2011

Pinch drunk and punch happy New Year ramble.

For the inquisitive blogger here are last months web statistics

In terms of read all about it, it would seem that the blog is dead, long live Twitterface, or is it? read our very own internet guru and intrepid aviator in pre velocipede mode Simon Moores

In view of the sequence of events I can hardly parody Enid Blyton and say, “Biggles went out on his bicycle and felt a little queer.” I do think though that the problem runs deeper and get the feeling that it is intellectual property that is the root cause.

Next, to what Bignews is feeling a little queer about today, it would appear he has a sore point, is this to do with the bicycle? Apparently not but something to do with a little peer,

Staying with the Tonys for a moment the Beachcomber blog has a truly local article about Margate Museum, see

One way or another I think Margate Museum will reopen, not though because of any will by the council to display and preserve our heritage, but much more due to the proximity of The Turner Contemporary.

Don don’t get on bicycles any more although this is to do with feeling queer, understandably what he is feeling queer about is the parking of those who don’t feel queer, see

Here in the bookshop things haven’t been going quite so well, the vdeo may help you to understand the problem.

Where was I? Oh yes intellectual property, in this case the written word and a key question, why after feeling a little queer about something did we write it down and publish it? Bloggers that is, there really isn’t any financial gain in it and often just doing so causes problems with difficult comment.

The people who write for a living are certainly heading for difficulties because of the internet, although various strategies have come along to ensure that people get paid for what they write now, they just don’t seem to be working that well. Once something written has appeared as some sort of electronic file we can usually read it for nothing. For years it was mainly just the fact that it was printed on paper that ensured that the writer got paid, not because you couldn’t copy it and produce a pirated edition but because it was not really economic to do so and it was relatively easy to track down and prosecute you if you did so.

I will ramble on if I get a chance.


  1. I've seen a few people write about blogging being "dead". Yes its true that the written word online is free. In fact it seems most people that previously sold their ebooks are now giving them away. There has to be a motive for this. I think that motive may be deeper than it appears.

  2. Not all of the written word on-line is free, you have to pay a sbscrition to read the Times and other newspapers from the Murdoch group.
    As for Ebooks I dont think there is a trend in recently published books to be free although some ereader makers bundle in some free books to make the deal attractive. There are thousands of classic books available for free but a lot have to be paid for. If you are a KCC library member you can borrow ebooks online but the choice is limited. I cant work out how KCC can remove an ebook from your device once your loan period is up!

    But Ereaders in there current form are only realy good for reading text, if you have poor eyesight and need to increase the font size, if you travel or commute or maybe have limited access to a book shop.

    The printed book 'killer' still has not arrived.

  3. I love the video clip. do you still stock scrolls for the unbooked of Ramsgate? I love my blogging and I twitter but I have tried facebook twice and closed my account afer a while. Am I odd due to I dont like it? I dont think so I dont read some types of books or subscribe to certain blogs, its called choice. I wish you a happy and prosperous 2011 Michael and I really must make the effort and visit your shop this year.

  4. Blogging dead ? not really . It may be for those who have very little truly local to write about. It is becoming so evident that some blogs do try to wip up arguements and tit for tat political arguements to draw attention to themselves to compensate for the complete lack of local knowledge which does get rather tiresome.

    As for myself I am very optimistic on the 2011 blogging front. My stats have never been higher, I have a more broader appeal outside the area and most of all there is no way I can run out of steam becuase there is so much to write about Thanet in general.


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