Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Thanet District Council Fire

Just a short note to say that the council’s computer server room has caught fire so they will probably have a reduced online service.

The picture is of Margate Firestation

Update after about 6 hours the conventional media have caught up with this story.

The BBC say:

A small fire caused by an electrical fault at council offices in Kent has led to a reduction in services.


Thanet Extra say:

A fire has ripped through part of Thanet council's offices in Margate, causing disruption to local services.



  1. LIke all good IT departments they will have a backup server room primed and ready to go wont they!

  2. LOL thats really funny .. a back up server room .. IT nitwit alert !!

  3. I'm sure councils at the moment don't have the cash to spend on rescilience plans of that magnitude. Not even a firm like Google would have redundant data centres standing idle 'just in case', very wasteful way of doing things.

  4. I read the headline and I thought it was something relating to Jimmy Godden - my mistake.

    Ben Kelly

  5. A reduced online service? How could we tell?

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