Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Thanet District Council Fire

Just a short note to say that the council’s computer server room has caught fire so they will probably have a reduced online service.

The picture is of Margate Firestation

Update after about 6 hours the conventional media have caught up with this story.

The BBC say:

A small fire caused by an electrical fault at council offices in Kent has led to a reduction in services.


Thanet Extra say:

A fire has ripped through part of Thanet council's offices in Margate, causing disruption to local services.



Anonymous said...

LIke all good IT departments they will have a backup server room primed and ready to go wont they!

Anonymous said...

LOL thats really funny .. a back up server room .. IT nitwit alert !!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure councils at the moment don't have the cash to spend on rescilience plans of that magnitude. Not even a firm like Google would have redundant data centres standing idle 'just in case', very wasteful way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

I read the headline and I thought it was something relating to Jimmy Godden - my mistake.

Ben Kelly

Anonymous said...

A reduced online service? How could we tell?

swadip said...

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