Thursday, 17 March 2011

Here be Dragons

Day off today and pretty cold so I didn’t spend much time outside taking pictures.

The Dawn Treader is now ready to sail to London for the launch for the launch of the cd. Here are some pictures anybody’s guess what they look like from this tiny netbook.

I also wanted to get a picture of just how far the tourist information is going to be moved in Margate, I have tried to put an arrow on the picture, click on it to enlarge, I think in council circles this is known as getting a little for a lot.

Here are the other pictures from the camera card I will try to get to a normal sized pc and write a bit more later on.

Having finally made it to a computer with a screen that I can actually see the pictures on, they look a bit dark to me, perhaps it is just the dull days at the moment anyway I have lightened them a bit and put them all here

Update, David Redfern has sent me some more pictures of the Dawn Treader conversion, click on the link for them


  1. Nice pictures Michael, if you were in a black coat and black hat, I watched you take the pics! It all went very well.

  2. If you were in a black coat and black hat, I watched you take your pics. It all went very well. Plse email me on for a message

  3. Nope must have been someone else David, tweed jacket and sandals, I could have done with the coat and hat.

  4. Nice Piccies Michael. I must admit to loving my desktop over my laptop, the poor thing just sits there unused and unloved untill I get a problem with the desktop and then its the best thing since sliced bread. I like the boat if I feeel up to it we will come over and have a look.


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