Monday, 2 May 2011

The turner contemptibles people pay to look at art and rotate in Margate

 This is not a wind turbine.

If you will for a moment imagine a funfair without art, or perhaps decorated by contemporary artists, perhaps minimalisticly, it therefore figures that one thing people are paying for at a funfair is fairground art.

 There is, as you may have noticed, a funfair in Margate, where there should be one on the Dreamland site, an eight quid armband allows you to ride on pretty much everything for a four hour session. Provided you are tall enough, a major consideration for my colleagues on this assignment.

Here are the links to the pictures

I may ramble on a bit.


  1. Michael, you need a hand with posting photos within blogs!

  2. You are so right Jeremy, I published the post and the 200 or so associated images while cooking the evening meal, handy really as the ones that curled up a bit at edges I just clobbered with the tenderiser, any giving real trouble succumbed to the meat cleaver.

    But you know how it is, there’s always one, I have taken it down to the garage and tried clobbering it with my fine-tuning sledgehammer that usually works fine on cars, but Uncle Sam is still hanging over the edge.

  3. Fine tuning sledgehammer .............yep that should have worked Maybe you need the version 2.3 for photo's meat tenderisers have never really lived up to the early expectations in the bloggosphere unless they are used in conjunction with Garlic Salt.

  4. Tried photo meaty Don but Uncle Sam wasn’t so keen on having one of Libertas’s spikes in his ear.


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