Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Midweek Ramble

There is a council meeting tonight to theoretically decide the future of Arlington House in Margate, in practice is suspect that the meeting will only put the decision off to a later date.

There is plenty on in Thanet this weekend and the weather forecast is looking a bit dodgy especially for Saturday when here in Ramsgate we have Love Music Hate Racism see in Broadstairs we have the start of Dickens Week see and of course the first day of The Big Event in Margate, if this ahs a website I can’t find it there are odd pages on the council’s website but nothing comprehensive.

Saturday I will be working but may get a chance at taking a few photos of the Ramsgate event, Sunday I may try to get over to Margate to The Big Event and take some pictures.

It’s been a funny old start to the blogging week, the council seems to have gone completely potty over the way they dispense information, the way I am reading it the only way a member of the public can access information from the council, under the new rules is via a freedom of information request.

The only exception to this is council accredited media, it would seem that the only way one can even find out what criteria media would need to be accredited by the council is via a freedom of information request. 

A government selected media where as far as I can see the main selected media receives considerable advertising revenue from the government sounds like something that would only happen in some sort of oppressive dictatorship.

One is inclined to imagine the tourist arriving in Ramsgate and asking when the museum is open, only to be told to submit a freedom of information request and expect the answer in about a month.

Sounds like something out a novel about the dictatorship in some banana republic, doesn’t it? I don’t think it is so very far from the truth though, I had a couple of tourists in my bookshop today who had had an encounter a bit like this.

I will ramble on if the mood takes me. 


  1. A simple Google of Margate Big Event takes you to the website

    Full flying details are there along with how to get there, the other events that are going on plus details of the music programme

    Everything I need to know as a visitor is there so yet again I cannot see a problem.....

  2. 12.22 there is certainly quite a lot more there than when I looked a couple of days ago, I have done the link for you, here send me an email and I will send you the instructions of how to put a link that works into a blog comment. Unfortunately I can’t do this here as if write the encoding it will appear as a link and you won’t be able to see how to do it.

  3. Same here Michael, I've been watching the TDC site for weeks and I've easily found all the information I required. Suggest you stop trying to find fault and start looking objectively!

  4. Not content with Westwood Cross taking out our three main high streets, TDC now seem hell bent with putting a final bullet in Margate High Street by authorising a huge Tesco on Margate seafront.

    Have they not learned anything from their mistakes?

  5. Oh dear to this strand and the we want it all FC.

    Thank you for your email of 23 May about the sale of Haine hospital.

    The hospital was sold for £2,165,000. A further payment of £5,050,000 was subsequently received. The NHS received all of this money.

    So what's the planning gain for TDC (and us) a big fat zero meanwhile the tax payer will end up paying for the considerable extras!!!

    Before anyone shout's TDC baiting/ bashing ask them how much they got for their land at Westwood Cross.

  6. What's happened to the Ramsgate Harbour event, I seem to remeber we used to have a power boat weekend around Fathers day every year, now there seems to be nothing but silt and wind farm boats.


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