Saturday, 1 September 2012

What’s Long, Hard and Royal in Ramsgate Harbour that glows different colours in the dark? Pinch and a Punch it’s the First of the Month. Some thoughts on forms of government and a ramble.

 With The Spirit of Chartwell moored in Ramsgate Royal Harbour and what looks misuse of the system to regulate standards in public life at Thanet District Council, I thought some sort of comment would be appropriate.

First for those of you who are interested in the relative popularity of local blogs here is the link to my referral statistics for this blog
 I guess those of you who read my press release blog will have viewed the video of Independent Councillor Bernard La Roche, if you haven’t here it is

As someone who reads more of the rather bland documents emanating from our various level of government than I would like, when it comes to our local government, it is the video footage that seems most to provide some sort of indicator that all is far from well.

The notion that we have local democracy and elect people who best represent our views and will represent local people, curbing the more bizarre excesses of career officers who live outside of the local area, doesn’t seem to work as well as one would hope.  

Apologies if all this is a bit confused, my bookshop is fairly busy today and this combined with having bought the mother of all printers, so that I can print historic maps of Thanet, means that my eye is not entirely on the ball.

Once again I find myself wondering about the benefits of the elected leader system for Thanet District Council, certainly paying for local councillors to wrangle with each other doesn’t seem to me to an appropriate use of local funds and resources.  
I wouldn’t say that I am a royalist, resorting to youtube again, this is the national anthem that most represents my nationalistic affiliations.

That said I do like a bit of showmanship and don’t think that replacing the present system of a monarch would be improved by having President Cameron, Clegg or what is the other chap’s name?

An interesting aside to local politics is that Dr Simon Moores appears to have aspirations towards becoming Dr No and appears to have bought the domain  

Visual images of Simon battling it out on the north of the island with Sean Connery and Ursula Andress have become too much for me and I have gone to have a lie down.
As you see from the pictures, after leaving The Belgian Café yesterday evening I spent some time looking at the moon.


  1. I have watched the video from Councillor Bernard La Rouche. It appears that a member of the public tried to get into his meeting and Bernard feels that everyone should hear about it. Well I have to admit that this incident has taken my mind off the possible Israeli strike on the Iran, the war by proxy being fought between Iran and Saudi Arabia in Syria, the imminent collapse of the Euro Zone, the UK shrinking economy, my dinner; and the tatty state of Thanet, including Birchington. What is it that causes Bernard and his ilk take themselves so seriously?

    1. They're all pompous asses.

  2. Very strange as I have not bought the domain!

    1. Simon I picked the url up off the web stats, further research after your comment shows that this is your Norwegian nemesis on blogger and nothing you need to worry about.

  3. So what happened to the Spirit of Chartwell? It is not on any slipway this week, that must have been a lightning repair.


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