Monday, 1 October 2012

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month, Thanet blog chart and a few pictures of the funfair on the Dreamland site in Margate, plus a ramble and apology to the council.

It’s that time of the month again and for the aspiring local blogger here is the link to the referral statistics for this blog For those of who don’t understand this, it is a list of the number of people who came to this blog by clicking on a link on another website, so is a rough guide to how popular that website is.

What with the inclement weather and many other commitments I didn’t get to taking my children to the fait on the Dreamland site until the last day, which was yesterday, here is the link to a few pictures I too of the funfair

Next the egg on my face, the first picture on the previous post is of a yacht aground in the inner basin of Ramsgate Harbour, I naturally assumed that it had encountered the too shallow water while manoeuvring in the harbour.

The truth is different and was relayed to my by one of the younger salty sea dogs. Apparently during some sort of crisis in the engine room one of the crew inadvertently opened the seacock, this is nothing do with frigging in the rigging but a large tap on the bottom of the boat that lets the sea in. Once the sea was flooding in and the yacht began to sink a mayday message was sent to the port authorities who promptly lowered the level in the inner basin.

I may ramble on here if I get a chance…..  


  1. Wow, for the first time ever Naked in Thanet is Top of the Blogs!

  2. Incidentally, apparently tomorrow is the last ever issue of The Thanet Times! I'll be sorry to see them go (they've been good to me in the past).

  3. Peter congratulations and thanks for the information about the Times, I will do some research and a blog post about its demise

  4. It was mentioned on the Gazette Facebook group this morning:

  5. Why is ECR still doing well in your list?

    1. Why not? His blog is still there, and obviously comes up in many search results.


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