Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A few photos of Ramsgate and possible ramble

 My bookshop has been busier than I would expect today and when I went out at lunchtime today Ramsgate seemed fairly busy.

Very mild for January, which I suppose could account for this.

 If it comes out right the quality of light is different so the harbour colours are a bit muted.
 More work on The Alexandra which is looking nearly there.
 this is off Queen Street behind Sports Direct and Shoe World
 including a recent development there
 the posts here are not holding up the building, just the rendering on the bottom of the RSJ makes you wonder why they didn't just chip it off
 one aspect of publishing photos from your phone automatically is that you can load them onto the blog and then comment between them afterwards.
 until you get to the stripy cones and wonder what on earth to say

 closing the fire station at Westwood and keeping fire engines in tents says something about the modern world. 

 why would they move out of the Westwood fire station before building the new one in Ramsgate?
 Ramsgate's existing fire station only holds two fairly short fire engines

If there is any interesting local news today I seem to have missed it apart from a sort of no news by default on the railways.

I think what Network Rail are saying here http://www.networkrailmediacentre.co.uk/News-Releases/7278/Network-Rail-sets-out-plans-for-a-better-railway-in-the-south-east-of-England is that they aren’t using part of their recent funding allocation to increase the speed of trains between Ashford and Ramsgate.

The railspeak says: “There will also be targeted work to improve reliability on sections of the line between Hastings and Tunbridge Wells; Ashford and Tonbridge; Dartford and London via Sidcup; Ashford and Hastings; and Ashford and Ramsgate.”  


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