Monday, 1 July 2013

Pinch and punch it’s the first of the month

Here is the link to the referral statistics for this blog which is the nearest I can get to a popularity chart of the other Thanet blogs.

As I have said before I am busy with balancing the books in my bookshop, this is the business of making sure the books on my shelves are competitively priced with the same book online.

It is a fairly long operation and it means I have little time to devote to blogging, in some parts of my bookshop I am developing the mother of all sales, while in others there are little changes.

To be honest it is difficult to get enthusiastic about blogging at the moment as often the comment on posts leaves a lot to be desired.   


  1. Michael, your comment on blogging is very accurate for, over the years I have followed the Thanet blogs, the standard of comment and debate has declined noticeably.

    Whereas once there were some lengthy exchanges of views, often contradictory but reasoned nonetheless, now the trading of insults and moronic repetition seems to have driven many away.

    There is, of course, he of the aquifer and sundry pollution, who, regardless of the thread, leaps up every time with his monotonous remarks, insults and dismissal of all others, particularly councillors. Hardly makes for decent debate. Add the spammers and the general mix is down on where it once was.

    Despite the problems, I still think it is worth persevering, if you have the time, and there are still occasions when something worthwhile gets discussed.

  2. Don't forget the JH twins who are responsible for most of the gratuitous insults and abuse.

  3. Anonymouth 7:16 pm,

    And we must not forget you - the resident idiot.

  4. dont feed the troll clip clop

  5. Sadly tge quality of posts has declined markedly, with unsupportabe bs, and inuenda dishonestly being presented as fact, without tge benefit of proof of course, a trend that seems to have been championed by mr James.

    Couple that with those without the balls to post as themselves, and oost from anonomous accoubts, and the reason the blogs quality is in the toilet becomes clear.

    1. If everyone was a bit nicer to each other then perhaps people would feel more comfortable posting under their own identity.

  6. Sadly if so many didn't post unsupportable BS, they wouldn't have to be treated so harshly Anon.

    Of you trot James my boy.


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