Monday, 23 September 2013

Ramsgate Station closed by unexploded bomb

At the moment I recommend avoiding trains departing from Ramsgate or going through Ramsgate, the UXB is a WW2 one on a building site in St Stephens Close, see map.

The first I heard of this was when the school sent a text saying Ramsgate Station was closed and all children travelling by train from Ramsgate would be kept at school. As mine walk home I didn’t give it much thought.

Anyway it now seems that the bomb has been removed and taken off for a controlled explosion elsewhere and the station has reopened. 


  1. Peter,

    You said that you are interested in military history in a local Thanet context. No sooner said than done, Michael finds you a UXB in Ramsgate. Now that is the kind of service that you would never get from Waterstones or Amazon.

    1. Not just found a bomb, John, but great coverage on the TV news last night showing the RLC's bomb disposal chaps at their unflappable best.

      Reminds me of a situation in Bexleyheath back in the 70's where a man digging in his garden unearthed a UXB. He called the police who in turn contacted the army, but, when the Bomb Disposal team arrived, chummy had decided said bomb might have some antique value. As a result he sat on the bomb claiming it was on his land and thus his property whilst refusing the army permission to touch it. Ultimately the clown had to be arrested to allow police and army to get on with the job of making it safe for removal. Takes all sorts and one could imagine old aquifer pulling a stroke like that.

    2. William,

      I missed the news last night. I admire the bomb disposal teams. I know that I could never do their job, for reason of lack of nerve and general clumsiness. Old Aquifer probably blames me for dropping dropping the bomb.

    3. Almost certainly, John, and dangerously close to his precious aquifer.


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