Sunday, 2 February 2014

Eric Easton - RIP

The Former Conservative Cllr for the East Cliff - Eric Easton - died last Saturday, aged 84.  Obituary, page 11, Isle of Thanet Gazette today.

I took these photographs at his home on 24th June 2013, when he supplied me with several old photographs of the Granville area.  Probably the last ones taken.

Eric was showing me his WW2 bomb shelter in his back garden at Montefiore Avenue whilst recalling his time at TDC in the 1980's and his Eastonways bus company.


  1. I recognise the Anderson Shelter. We had a Morrison which was used indoors. I can only recall using an Anderson once. I'd be about 4+. I was playing in a neighbour's garden and when the siren went off there was no time for me to get home. This was the only occasion in the war when I became frightened. Not because of the bombs, I had grown up with those, but simply because this was the first time during a raid that I had been separated from my family. I can still picture that shelter and the neighbour's young daughter who was eating sardines on toast. Something which I had never tried.

    Should anyone doubt that a child can have such vivid memories then they should bear in mind that I, and thousands like me, was born into the war and was aware that a man called Hitler was trying to kill me. I may not have been sure what 'kill' actually meant, but I did realalise that I must be alert and stick close to my mother when the siren went off.

  2. Saddened to hear about Eric. We knew him and Joan well during the 70's when he drove a Lincoln Continental and we regularly took our hotel guests on his escorted coach + hovercraft trips to Calais. He was a gentleman, despite getting into politics. One of Ramsgate's true entrepreneurs!
    Colin Edwards


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