Thursday, 27 March 2014

Lunch at the Belle Vue Pegwell Ramsgate and a watercolour sketch after bookbuying in other shops.

First the watercolour sketch of the Belle Vue Pegwell Ramsgate, I only really enjoy doing these from life, I find something rather bizarre about taking a photo, then making a painting of it, then taking a photo of the painting and putting it on the internet.

I did do a very rough pencil sketch on the paper first, most of which either got covered with paint or rubbed out after the paint had dried.

Here it is about half way, if you click on it and expand it you can probably see there wasn’t much in the way of pencil.

All the equipment goes in my pocket, the sketch is about A4 size and took about an hour. Winsor and Newton fold up field brushes and field box the paper pad is a £2.99 one from The Works the expensive bit is the paint as I pick the cheap paint out of the box and squirt artist’s quality Winsor and Newton watercolour paint. This is because the artist’s quality paint has a lot more dye in it which saves time.

Lunch at the Belle Vue next lunch and drinks for two from the bar snack menu £17, plenty of it and very high quality, can’t fault it at all, highly recommended.

Next the books we bought this morning, mainly as people are always asking what sort of books we buy, click on the picture to expand it, I suppose going around various charity shops and junk shops we looked at thousands of books mostly priced between 50p and £2 and these are the ones we actually bought.  

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