Saturday, 31 May 2014

What’s on in East Kent Sunday 1st June 2014 and a short ramble.

Having just looked on the internet the only two major free events tomorrow seem to both be in Ramsgate.

The first one is the official opening celebrations for The Ramsgate Tunnels starting around 11am.

The other is our annual old vehicle event “The Great Bucket and Spade Run at Government Acre” this also starts around 11am and goes on to around 4pm.

Plenty of pictures of previous bucket and spade runs, follow the links

Next a note about blog comments, this really boils down to the worse the situation gets, the more I restrict them. And frankly this time of year I am often doing this outside with a smart phone which means I can’t see the comment properly, so be warned that if comment contains the usual non commercial spam phrases it will now get spammed.

Comment as I had today on a post about a local art exhibition containing phrases like “police authority” “QC” “High Court” 0% and so on can’t have any possible relationship with the post has gone this way, what the rest of the content of the comments were I couldn’t actually see due to the sunlight.  

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  1. Have a good day Michael, lots going on over in Ramsgate today, I just phoned my mate and he and his family will be heading over. I am to exhausted from our trip out yesterday. Hope the sunshine keeps you from reading your comments. Don


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