Sunday, 6 July 2014

Broadstairs Pavillion and Asda Car Park shopping sketches and a pot of tea on a wet day and a minor ramble.

I think the idea was that we should do a bit of specialist shopping, if you have children then you probably know that buying large cheap tubs of chocolate ice cream involves a visit to Asda. I am not very good at shopping so stayed in the car and sketched the recycling area.

Then there was supposed to be a fun fair in Broadstairs but the rain had stopped most of the fun, so we diverted to the craft fair in the Pavillion.

They have a large gazebo type of thing which I think is intended for smoking in, it’s also handy for sketching on a wet day, although the rain had stopped I thought it could start again, also fancied being outside with a dry chair.

So a sketch from Broadstairs Pavillion.

Very good value as the pot of tea for four was £5.

You may get a ramble here in a bit, here are the rest of the phone photos.

Just topped up the Prussian Blue in my paintbox, with a portable paint box this is best done in the early evening and leave it in the sun or somewhere warm so the paint goes hard before putting the paintbox back in your pocket.

You can see the colours I use in this photo, the ones at the top, you don’t actually need as many but it helps if you have to work fast with very little water.

Theoretically you can make every colour by using blue red and yellow, I don’t think that you are supposed to use black and white paint, but I use both a lot particularly when painting skies.

Obviously this would be different if I was selling paintings as there are various techniques you can use to produce dramatic skies, however in my case I am doing my best to record the sky as it actually looks when I am doing the painting. Most of the time this is shades of grey with, if I am lucky some blue bits, usually cobalt blue during most of the day and cerulean blue near dusk and dawn.

Prussian blue is the very strong deep/dark blue which I find I need for the sea and for making the various dark greens in trees and plants.   

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  1. Government announces today (7/7) on the dept of transport web site funding for Growth Deals in the South East including funding for a Manston Parkway Railway station. Must be for all those new commuter expected to move into the area.


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