Thursday, 30 April 2015

New plans for The Manston Airport Site

Here is the link to the site with more information on it
My own take is that to cpo the site for an airfreight hub would be disastrous for Thanet because of the air pollution problem, I think the last news article about this was yesterday, see  

The nub of the issue being that we already have levels of air pollution in Thanet that are close to having a serious impact on life expectancy and that burning a ton of kerosene every time a freight plane takes off or lands, would put the northern and eastern part of the island over the edge. This is because the distance the pollution from burning a ton of kero takes to dissipate to the background level is about 10 miles.

As I have been saying all along a regional passenger airport would have been ok but there is only what discovery parks want to do or the freight hub on the table.    

I guess with the election coming on it does raise the question of whether turkeys actually do vote for Christmas and I suppose over the next week we will find out. 


  1. Reading the owners outline proposals for Manston Airport simply highlights what's missing.

    A runway.

    It's not a leisure pool, not a residential block, nor, Lord help us, a new civic centre.

    It's a runway.

    Surrounded by the land that's needed to service a working airport.

    It may have been on a year's sabbatical. It may have had it's most troubled year to date.

    But change is coming, through a long awaited indemnity partner funded CPO.

    And we will return Manston Airport to its proper place at the centre of our hearts, and our island.

    Love Manston? Vote UKIP.iu

  2. Chris, a couple of questions about UKIP and TDC.

    1 Is there a TDC UKIP manifesto? If not some sort of guidelines as to what UKIP councillors aim to achieve at TDC?

    2 If UKIP either get in at TDC or become part of some sort of coalition at TDC would they go down the cpo for an airfreight hub against officer recommendations and if so any idea where the liability would lie?

  3. I bet you wont get a straight answer to those questions Michael, In fact I will be impressed if he answers at all


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