Saturday, 3 October 2015

Canterbury by bus an exercise in painting and social awareness

I decided to try taking the bus to Canterbury today instead of using the car, the return fare is  £6.40, the round trip is about 35 miles and the park and ride costs £3 so if your car will do 35 miles for £3.40 (about 50 mpg) or less it’s cheaper to drive there even if you are travelling alone.

Time wise it takes about half an hour to drive from Ramsgate to the Canterbury park and ride and then at least a quarter of an hour to do the park and ride, so there isn’t anything much in it.

Interestingly to me, anyway, if you follow the info on the bus company website to the letter, you wind up waiting for the bus in Leopold Street looking at the back of some pretty angry architecture, some industrial rubbish bins and where you inhale the dulcet scent of the multistory carpark. The alternative option, not so well advertised is to wait for the Canterbury bus from the harbour. I started to sketch the old bank building now Pizza Express from the seat by the stop and the bus as there in no time.

Going the bus was filled with poor people, young people, old people and someone with serious substance abuse problems. I drew the inside of the bus and wrote a chunk of this post on my tablet.

Coming back the bus was filled with poor people, young people and old people. I drew this picture, which I have loosely titled the oap bus pass adventure.

I went to La Trappiste and did some more to the painting of Canterbury from there.

Went to have a close look at what I was painting and discovered that the lamppost in the picture actually finishes on the pavement in a completely different place to where I thought it did.

I had a bit of a meander around the cathedral, looked in few shops and then went back to La Trappiste where I murdered a cuppa and had a late lunch.

The rest of the photos.

By way of explanation here, when I got to this point I remembered JWM Turner's watercolour of canterbury and so took a couple of now photos.

Finally I must mention the hard work that went on in my bookshop today while I was off painting the town of Canterbury, here are the books that got processed and went out on the shelves today

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