Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Manston cpo implodes, my Android asks Jeeves about books, a few childhood memories of my old school, in fact a ramble.

The thing that strikes me most about the whole Manston cpo issue is that after all this time pursuing one of the largest cpo’s a uk council have ever considered, the council still hasn’t reached the stage where they hold even the most basic of online consultations asking us the taxpayers if we want them to buy the Manston Airport site so their partner can build an airfreight hub that we won’t be able to fly from.

At least the previous large public pressure group No Night Flights managed to achieve this, which gave a measurable mandate to their cause.

After years of going round my bookshop writing down or trying to remember which books I had of a particular author, while I went and compared the memory or the list with the ones in the store, so I could top up the ones that had sold, I have switched to taking a photo with my tablet and then looking at it on the tablet screen in my bookstore.

Having been a disabled child during the 1950s and 1960s in the UK is a bit like being a concentration camp survivor, but more difficult to explain and my children wanted to know what it was like.

I can tell them that the NHS used 75 children at my school as guinea pigs, which resulted in their deaths, because chimpanzees were thought to be too expensive, this is well recorded on the internet, but pretty depressing reading.

I can tell them that children were often experimented on in different ways, for instance the NHS tried one of the birth control pills that partly worked by clotting blood, on a load of boys there who had a disease where there blood didn’t clot properly, which resulted in them all developing breasts.

Anyway I found a promotional video for my old school produced a few years before I went there, it is the closest I have ever seen to expressing what being a disabled child then was like. I could tell from the expressions on they youf of today that they were getting the idea,

I particularly remember the operating theatre although I was at the school for about four years and only visited it on two occasions.  

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