Monday, 16 November 2015

Books about Railway Trains, all in a days work.

Back to work today and I put on my anorak and processed railway books, I am interested in trains, published a book on the Ramsgate Railways, see and the following links for some historical pictures of Ramsgate that I used in the book
I’ve got about another hundred railway books to process and no other takers for the job.

Of course other books got possessed, here is the link to the pictures of the books we put out in the bookshop today and as you can see I didn’t do that much work today.

This is the view from my workstation, station being the operative word here. Back in the day when I misspent my youth trains ran on steam and once I managed to get away to boarding school, I travelled there by steam train. Breakfast on the train from Ramsgate to London and lunch on the train from London to Alton. So perhaps I have developed some sort of empathy with steam trains.

Anyway as the day wore on and I rubbed out old prices, dusted off the train books, covered the dust jackets with cellophane, looked them up on Amazon and pencilled prices a bit cheaper than the Amazon ones in the books, suddenly the shop filled up with a very strong smell of steam train.  

Frankly I thought the toys in my attic had finally come completely loose and I rather cautiously asked she who must be obeyed if she could smell steam train, like burning coal and long boiled kettle and yes she could, not just weird but positively wyrd.   

So I guess I haven’t gone off the rails, I am sitting at my desk with my lollypop, which is very like my workstation – the desk not the lollypop – typing up this blog post with Flat Eric invigilating, spelling grammar and content fails, wondering who the frog is – I don’t like to ask in case I should know. 

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