Sunday, 15 November 2015

How to paint a picture on a moving bus, painting Canterbury Cathedral form Chocolate Café and drawing women on busses.

My day off yesterday, which for the secondhand bookseller is always a bit of a busman’s holiday unless I take the bus which means I can’t carry loads of book home and do truly get a day off from my main job, buying and sellin books.

 So off I goes on the Canterbury bus and sketched the view from the  seat, this is a bit like adjusting the set, getting your hand in, so you can draw. Getting out of the the way of the bit between the bit of your brain that does art and the end of  the pen and brush; don't talk to me about pencils

 So I got to a sort of "Do not adjust your brain, reality is at fault." stage. And then what? Drew the girl in the next seat, When the bus arrived I the the rather embarrassing. "Please miss I just drew you." bit, which went fairly well and the drawing went in the phone. I then put as many people exiting the bus between subject and artist, in case I was mistaken for a senile perv with a bad pick up line and went of to Chocolate Cafe, for the view.

 Here is the watercolour painting of Canterbury Cathedral wot I am doin from there, where? Chocolate Cafe.

 Puttin detail in the middle bit.

Sketched some of the people in Chocolate cafe, couldn't get the words out and scurried off to the bus and got on the one going the wrong way, via Margate. Temporary insanity caused by art, what's the cure? Don't paint and draw? Exactly.

 Sat upstairs, front seat and tried to draw the view as the rain meant you couldn't see out of the window
It wasn't that good.

Changed buses in Margate and drew some ladies who being a bit older meant I didn't have to say anything much, they seemed pleased by the divertion.

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