Sunday, 1 November 2015

Making Love to the Dragon at Turner Contemporary and the racing at Crampton, an afternoon out in Broadstairs and Margate.

And if you don’t know how it relates to Turner Contemporary and the “Risk” exhibition, read my post

Anyway when I got back here last time to write the post I couldn’t remember if it was dragons or elephants on the pot, no photography in the exhibition, see.

So first thing I does, actually first thing I does when I gets to the gallery is put my coat in a locker and go to the toilet – disabled one actually because I wanted to sing fairly loud and didn’t want to spoil anyone's aim in the gents. Yep first thing I does is go up into the gallery and ask for an adjustable gallery chair to sit on so I can sketch the pot.

Quick pen sketch of the seismograph, which the gallery have wrongly labelled a seismometer please note this is a sketch to remember the thing by and not a sketch of the thing.

One big problem about sketching anything not vegetable or mineral is that you tend to come away from the thing feeling a bit like you have made love to it, the dragon wouldn’t let me draw its teeth, as you can see.

If I was going to lecture a group of students about the relationship between art and science, I would say “There is no relationship between art and science.” and then spend the rest of the lecture sketching the students, and refusing to say anything else about the subject.

I was feel a bit burnt out after the dragon so went off to the gallery and drew some young people, as if the animal is human and alive there is a sort of return energy, so thanks.

On to Crampton Tower in Broadstairs where my children did “Slot Racing” and pressed buttons.

Here are my Photos

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