Saturday, 16 April 2016

Confessions of a window painter at Turner Margate Birthday celebrations.

First here is the start of a watercolour from Turner Contemporary’s Café that I painted there this afternoon, this is pretty much everything I could see above the height of my eyes. With a bit of luck I will go back and finish it off some other time.

My understanding was that this all happens on St George’s day, April 23rd 2016 when Turner Contemporary will be 5, JWM Turner will be 241 and St George 1741, but when I wound up there around lunchtime today there was this big yellow cake.    
Cake photography is a specialist business and I immediately realised that I was completely outclassed
 I tried a front shot
 back shot
  and half profile. And tried very hard not to think of the butter sculptures at High Table in The Unseen University melting and going rancid, sorry if you aren't a voracious reader, you are reading the wrong blog and need to stop and go and have a lie down. I thought about standing around quaffing Champagne while going "Bla bla bla" wondered what shape slice a cake like that would produce and eventually - for no apparent reason started to think about cheese and PG Tips and paint.
You can see from the amount on the paper that both came fast.
progress occurred
but it was only when the chocolate cake appeared
 that I got into my stride

What are you reading at the moment? I have the following on the go:- popular fiction, the Third Twin by Ken Follett, demanding novel, Hopeful Monsters by Nichols Mosley, non fiction, Sprits’l A Portrait of Sailing Barges and Sailormen by Richard-Hugh Perks. With this in mind I thought I would engage in some amateur literary criticism. I looked on the internet, strewth the things people say…

Oh well the best laid plans… 

One has to know one's limitations I am OK as a shop assistant, shop-walker for any Americans, literary critic though, best not try. Painter maybe, artist perhaps not. 



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