Friday, 6 May 2016

Thanet still predominately UKIP, more Pav painting, a bit of a ramble.

Well the election results for the Kent Crime Commissioner are in and according to the various local news sources although the Conservative candidate was elected UKIP got the most votes in Thanet.

I think this can only be seen as a clear message that local people are broadly behind the current UKIP administration at TDC.

I also think this result has implications for various local campaigns and for the other political parties here in Thanet.
I think there is some sense in which UKIP is becoming identified with what used to be called the working classes and I have recently seen referred to as “the man in the street” not my sexism – see “the popular press”. 

On to paining the Pav aka Royal Victoria Pavilion aka old casino, Showbar – well the list goes on and I would like to nail it as is before it gets Spooned. So here another sketch of a bit of it from Candy’s aka Topps. It is becoming apparent to me that The Pav is a very difficult building to draw.

I certainly couldn’t have painted it from the beach at lunchtime today, perhaps from a boat.

Working in a bookshop over the years one gets used to some unusual questions, so being asked, for instance. “Where’s your Dick?” has now produced a sort of “Philip K” protective, however I look forward to being able to respond positively to. “Have you got – Galactic Pot-Healer?” For anyone who reads modern fantasy think Gravelingas and Donaldson, you know Lord Fouls Bane type of thingy:- heal my jar.

See we really do have it.

Back on the elections front the business of the Conservatives spending more than they ought at the general election is also drifting about in the background, I get stuff about The Electoral Commission’s enquiry into this from Chris Wells. From time to time.

Personally I don’t see the Thanet South general election result being declared null and void anytime soon, here’s  link to one of the news articles

The council have put up a wosisname about bathing water quality, see

The question that comes to mind here is. “Is it safe to swim in Walpole Bay?”

The council says. “With a number of excellent water samples taken at Walpole  in recent years, Thanet District Council is encouraging potential bathers at Walpole to view more up to date weekly water sample results which will be displayed at the beach and online this summer.”

The EA results, as far as I can see, the only results, up to date or not are:-

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