Saturday, 4 June 2016

A painting in Café Rouge at Westwood Cross and another one in Turner Contemporary Art Gallery Margate, and the light. Stone Hill Park aka Manston planning application, the big question.

Going backwards in time from now
Here is the watercolour sketch in the cafe at Turner Contemporary Margate

This was going ok until the sun came out and I got too hot to paint, nb I waited until the victims/models/wossisfaces moved, before taking the photo.

Next the watercolour sketch in Café Rouge, a civilised addition to Westward cross.

This was going ok until the lights dimmed, presumably for more intimate evening trade.

On to Manston – again, so after yesterday’s post in which the elusive RiverOak finally replied to me confirming they had received the emails I sent them, see we now have the Stone Hill Park planning application published on the tdc, don’t hold your breath waiting for pages to open website.

Before the link, the tdc planning website has a mind of its own, sometimes things open and sometimes they don’t, some of the files are fairly large and may be demanding for your mobile/tablet/laptop/pc/wosistech, so here is the link

The snag here is that in normal circumstances the locals with a reasonable working knowledge of the environmental constrains associated with this sort of application would be going over it with a fine-toothed comb. However we now have a situation where people have backed themselves into various corners because of the airport. This means we have people who are for any aviation use, even if it is a freight hub, we have people who are against any aviation use…. Well I don’t have to draw a diagram here.

There is also the situation with the council that seems to be against any non aviation use for the site, I think this may mean that tdc goes down the road of not examining the plans properly and rejecting them, a road most likely leading to the planning inspectorate passing them without the council and us locals having much say on the environmental constrains.  

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