Friday, 21 October 2016

Abnormal termination, sorry for the inconvenience we are currently experiencing difficulties, online ordering, Manston DCO, Friday Ramble.

Having wasted a significant part of this week, waiting for technology, failing to buy a phone on Ebay, filling in online forms- well you all know how it is - behold a ramble.

On the work front I have done the non-military maritime section in the shop. What does done mean? Well I take all the books from the shelves to my desk and have a good look at them, any we have hade for more than a year I look up on Amazon and Ebay, after this I either reduce them, put them in the sale or put them on Amazon.

Next it’s military maritime, a long old job as there are over 100 bookcases in the bookshop.  

On the Manston DCO front, it’s another month since I last wrote to the boss of RiverOak to see if there had been any progress, it doesn’t look as though RiverOak have met with the DFT since July, although I may need correcting on this one as I may have missed something on the DFT CPO website

Anyway I wrote to George Yerrall on Wednesday and haven’t heard anything yet.

Added to this is the RiverOak announcement that they were going to publish a comprehensive rebuttal of the Avia report at the beginning of this week and I guess as it’s now Friday and nothing has appeared, they are having difficulties. 

I have had a bit of a look at the expansion of the industrial plant at Port Ramsgate, my take on this one is that Port Ramsgate has been an ongoing loss making enterprise over the years and that the council ought to cut their loses and turn it into a leisure complex.

I think the misunderstanding that Thanet can some how be an industrial centre based on transport hubs is 1970s thinking. The same problem really relates to there being no return to the major leisure industry, which collapsed in the 1960s with the package holiday and the guesthouse fire regulations.

Looking to the future I think the mainstay of our economy will be based on the fact that more and more people will be working more and more from home and because Thanet is fairly near to London, has a good climate and beaches more people will wish to relocate here.

Leisure wise there is some mileage in day trips, weekenders and short breaks, with entertainment moving more towards the arts, cultural and historical venues.

Of course I may be wrong and here in the hub of Thanet our satellite industrial towns, Dover, Deal, Canterbury, Sandwich, Herne Bay and so on may wish to use Thanet as a transport hub, who knows?

What I do expect is that land for residential accommodation and light industry will be at a premium in the southeast and I don’t think Thanet will be excluded.  

Anyway what do I know? only that I will probably be partly right and partly wrong,  I suppose in business the trick is to be a little more partly right.

Anyway here are some more old coloured postcards of Ramsgate 

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