Friday, 25 August 2017

Funfair in Ramsgate Henry’s in Margate, the start of a series of posts about cameras and photography, some sort of ramble and some out and about photos of Ramsgate.

Over the last 10 to 15 years advances in camera and mobile technology have made changes to the way photography is done.

If you had a fairly expensive camera back in the day, if you are wondering about getting a digital camera or if you are considering photography from the armchair then this may be a useful series of posts to add to this blog
One thing in photography is about length, and what you can and can’t fit in.

I was caught short in Herne Bay yesterday so headed for the loos up the Reculver end, after which I took a few photos of the end of Herne Bay pier.

I have a very cheap mobile phone this link brings it up on Ebay I bought it because it has long battery life, the camera is OK but not amazing.

 This is want it makes of the pier.

and this about the best I could do zooming in and cropping out.
Like Dora The Explorer, I had my backpack with me, so fished both real cameras out of it and faced the music.
This is what the bridge camera will do

The business of cameras is a strange one, for over 100 years this involved a box with a lens on one end and light sensitive chemicals coated on see-through wosisname, film glass at the other end.

Recently this has changed to a box with a lens on one end and light sensitive electro wosisname at the other end.

Electro wosisnames are getting smaller, so the itsy bitsy phone cameras are now around about as good for most purposes as the expensive film cameras were, so I am going to explre some of the minor differences.  

Now the main reason I use a proper camera is because I wear reading glasses and proper cameras have an optical correction knob next to the viewfinder, so when I look into the viewfinder on a sunny day with no glasses on I can see what I am going to take a photo of.

There are various different reasons for having different cameras and some compromises mostly to do with how much they cost. Obviously as a shop assistant I fall into the economy bracket.

I also like to try before I buy, so I go into the Game Shop exchange places and buy secondhand cameras from there.

The bridge camera I am using at the moment is a Canon PowerShot S3 IS which I think was about £600 when it came out to rave reviews and I think was about £35 secondhand.

I am surprised it has survived rattling around in my pocket for over two months now.

Batteries are probably the top consideration in a camera, if the thing won't take ordinary AA rechargeable UNiROSS camera batteries and anything from Duracells to £1 Shop batteries when they go flat then creeks and paddles come to mind.

When it comes to optical attachments for cameras, don't forget that a lot of what fitted film cameras also fits digital ones, so the high street camera shops like Henry's in Margate can be very useful.
so a long shot of Henry's like this one can be taken using the bridge camera armed with optics from Henry's.

Bookshop wise follow the link and link

picture wise follow the  link link and link

here are some of the ones from my mobile phone

sorry unfinshed post clicked publish by mistake 

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