Friday, 18 August 2017

London visit by train from Ramsgate

I had to go up to town yesterday and so such photos as there are, are of London and therefore probably less interesting than most photos of London already on the internet.

It did occur to me that some aspects of this, particularly the trains business could be useful to other local residents, so here we go.

So what does it cost? The answers are ballpark here based on what we paid, just turning up at stations and paying there, in a fairly disorganised and relaxed way. Adult return from Ramsgate £30, with senior railcard £20, not sure about the children this time as we met them already ticketed. This was for the fast 1 hour 15 (most expensive train) and covers all of the trains.

Waiting at St Pancras over a cup of tea I got out a paint brush and tried to sketch the ceiling.

My destinations BL and V&A was walk to the BL note the Antony Gormleys in the photos – more to see in the sea at Margate.

Obviously if I had only been going to the V&A I would have taken he other train to Victoria and walked to the V&A, how long the train takes to get to London being balanced about which bit of London you arrive in.  

The walk to the V&A is 4.6 miles, so the company split, me leading the underground component, I wasn’t there for Uncle Floyd – but the free stuff so the V&A was freeish.

The contactless credit card used at the tube barriers clocked up about £3.50 for the rerun journey and I think this would have been around £5 buying a ticket.

The journey home was done using the St Pancras, Deal Sandwich, terminating at Ramsgate route, over supper bought at the M&S at St Pancras station, this takes about 1 hour 50 and is usually the quietest train, that doesn’t involve incidents that can wake you up, should you doze off, but as it terminates in Ramsgate does offer a high probability of waking up in Ramsgate and not Margate.  

My main difficulty in London was finding a quiet spot, with a comfortable table and chair, near a loo, with a view I could paint and a decent pot of tea. On this visit I failed.

The nearest I got was at the V&A where is started to sketch, but was defeated refrigeration machinery which was too noisy, and decaffeinated coffee in a paper cup.

That said I think I will be able, like Daisy – to pull something orf there next time, perhaps a folding teapot, a Yorkshire teabag, moving round one place, the right hat and interrupting with. “I want a clean cup.” I am developing a pln nomicly.

Here are the photos on my camera card 

Here are the latest lot of books to go out in the bookshop here in Ramsgate

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