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11 Plus Results for the Thanet Schools and Addington Street Fair 2007 pictures and videos

Thanet 11 Plus results


SchoolGrammar eligibleTotal assessedSuccess rate (%)
Ramsgate Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School212777%
St Nicholas At Wade Church of England Primary School132552%
Holy Trinity and St John's Church of England Primary School112445%
Newlands Primary School81844%
Garlinge Primary School and Nursery112544%
Upton Junior School4611739%
Minster Church of England Primary School154037%
Chilton Academy Primary School164535%
St Gregory's Catholic Primary School102934%
Palm Bay Primary School164833%
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School92733%
Cliftonville Primary School185731%
St Peter-in-Thanet Church of England Junior School186428%
Birchington Church of England Primary School103627%
Bromstone Primary School135125%
St Saviour's Church of England Junior School166325%
Salmestone Primary School73221%
Drapers Mills Primary Academy41921%
Christ Church Church of England Junior School115420%
Newington Community Primary School and Nursery73619%
Westgate Primary School31717%
Dame Janet Primary Academy63517%
St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School42516%
St Laurence-in-Thanet Junior Academy53215%
Northdown Primary School0150%
Monkton Church of England Primary School090%

Some thoughts on the eleven plus also known as the Kent test and the grammar school system.

The main opposition to the Kent grammar schools as far as I can see are Kent socialist politicians the majority of whom appear to have been educated in grammar schools, so the situation isn’t as clear cut as one would expect.

There is a theory that if you removed the selective system then you would improve all of the schools. But here in Thanet where we have very good grammar schools there is also the suspicion that if there was no selective entry for these good schools, then they would soon become not very good schools.

What the system was supposed to do  back in the day was to separate the students with academic ability from those with practical ability. By this I mean that the student who was aiming to be a garage mechanic, went to a secondary modern school followed technical college.

I think there is an issue here that is related to both the English class system and developing some sort of situation where the student who is hopelessly bad at English literature but is hell-bent on becoming a very good bricklayer can preserve some sort of dignity in a system where A to Cs in the three Rs is the primary objective.

One way or another the main reason that the Thanet grammar schools seem to be doing well is that, within the confines of a system directed at academic achievement, the most disruptive pupils appear to have been removed from them.

Of course whether those pupils would be disruptive if the could learn about something they were good at is another matter. 

I am back trying to sort out old websites and this lot are Addington Street Fair in 2007, here are the links.

Does 10 years ago count as history? I think it does.

This seems to be from around the time I realised that the best way to publish pictures online was to put some amount on an ordinary webpage.

What I had been doing was just to take a lot of pictures for my children, so the could view the day out we had just had and talk about it and this sort of extended into putting them on the internet.

Sorry I missed the fair this year, but one can’t be in two places at once

More books in the bookshop here is the link

Much activity with presumably cable laying off Ramsgate
 pictures may expand if clicked on

Wetherspoons seems to be a bit quieter but the schools have just gone back and I would guess there is an element of recovering at home.

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