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Ramsgate Tugs Aid One, Two and Three etc. and There’s a hole in my photobucket a hole.

This is a picture of various work-boats in Ramsgate Harbour, I think the one with its funnel closest to the lighthouse it the bucket dredger Hope and assume that the one next to it with the number 2 on it is a barge for carrying away the dredger spoil. Identifying the one in the foreground is beyond me, maybe for laying buoys or maybe a tug being used for that.

as a follow on from yesterday's post a bit of research about the Ramsgate tugs called Aid, not sure all of the info is correct particularity on Aid 2 which I couldn't find more than one online source for and nothing in books. I am fairly sure of the rest of it. 

The three Ramsgate Tugboats all called Aid, actually I think tugboat may be an Americanism, but then tugs at Ramsgate is easily confused with the Dickensian Tuggs at Ramsgate.

This is Ramsgate tug Aid 1 1865-1891

Aid [1] Built 1855 by Money Wigram & Sons, Blackwall.  Wood paddle tug. L89.2'. B18'. D8.9'. 112grt. 50nhp 2cyl compound steam engine by  John Stewart, Blackwall. ON24691.

1855 Delivered to The Royal Harbour of Ramsgate Trust, London. 1865 Owners The Board of Trade, London. 1890 Sold to John W Spicer & others, Wapping, London. 1891 Sold to James T Morgan & others, London. 1899 Owners The Shipowners' Tug Co Ltd, London. 1900 Sold to Dutch owners.

This is Ramsgate tug Aid 2, not the tall ship but the tug with two funnels, possibly 1890-1914 

Aid [2] Built by W. Allsup & sons of Preston she arrived at Ramsgate in 1890 and was a 120 h.p. twin-funnelled paddle tug of 194 tons, 

She worked from Ramsgate until July 1914; was put up for sale, eventually being bought by the Admiralty in July 1915 and transferred to Dover. She was sold by the Navy in 1919 in Constantinople ??

This is Ramsgate tug Aid 3, she seems to be towing Ramsgate tug Doria 

Aid, [3] built 1914 by Bow, McLachlan and Co., Paisley.  Yard number 313.
90ftx18ftx9ft, 500 hp.
September 1914 delivered to Ramsgate Harbour Trustees.
1921, owners Ministry of transport, London.
1934, owners Borough of Ramsgate.
1937, owners Risdon Beazley.
28.8.1939, requisitioned by Royal Navy.
June 1940, at Dunkirk.

29.11.1940, sunk by German destroyer 7 miles off Start Point, 5 crew lost.

another of Aid 2

and another

This one Vulcan, note before the tower on the Granville was lowered in 1900

This would have been a better post, but much of the internet part of the research was on online forums and these have been decimated by Photobucket suddenly charging for third party image hosting.   

This means that the majority of the pictures on the history forums have gone and been replaced by a message from Photobucket telling the the person who put the image there they have to pay money to Photobucket.

The main thing Ramsgate tugs are noted for, depicted in this painting by Frederick Tudgay, is towing the Ramsgate lifeboat out to rescues. mostly this involves towing to upwind of the wreck on the Goodwin Sands, letting the rowed lifeboat go across the shallow water ans steaming around to the deep water on the other side to pick up survivors.

Here are the photos of the books that went out in the bookshop today 

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