Friday, 1 September 2017

Ramsgate Wetherspoons the Café Culture, The Ravensgate, out and about photos.

Being interested in the evolution of local business I ventured out twice today in order to try and work out what sort of impact the Wetherspoons Royal Victoria Pavilion regeneration is having on both the existing café culture and the other pubs.

As is often said I’m no expert, my main drink being Yorkshire Tea and I have been busy publishing the new book written in the 1960s about Minster in Thanet.

But today it seemed that the Wetherspoons was packed and the café culture opposite also about as busy as it usually is, The Goose seemed quieter than usual and so did some of the King Street pubs however when I walked past this evening The Ravensgate Arms which reopened today was as busy as it used to be before it closed, but it does have the tribute to Paul Butters tonight.

I am concerned about the bit beyond Wetherspoons, the empty part of The Pavilion, Pleasurama, the crazy traffic situation with the huge roundabout and the constant flow of cars that can’t park.

What is obvious is that the current administration at TDC has become completely focused on regenerating Margate but seem to have missed the point that Westwood Cross has damaged Margate in a way that means I can’t compete with its main rivals and that these are not Ramsgate.

The rest of the photos, I promise that one day I will get around to cleaning the sensor on my ancient dslr, it’s just a matter of finding a grownup, as always experimental shots that didn’t work, so the shots on the cards from both cameras, pasted to the internet, here is the address

For the dedicated followers of Literature in Thanet, well as ever we photographed the books we put out in the bookshop and put them on the internet at and of course the whole wosisname is at although it probably needs updating.  

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