Thursday, 24 July 2014

A few sketches of Margate today and the finalists and winners of this year's art competition for Kent students and teachers at Turner Contemporary

 This is from outside Cupcake, the scale and position of the lamp on left went wrong.
 This is a very fast rough from the new sea defence steps
This is the next attempt from the same place, very difficult to draw the sloping rosfs of Turner Contemporary from this viewpoint.
This is from outside Cafe G

I didn't get time to finish any of the sketches apart from the rough, days off during the school holidays can be fairly demanding.

Here are the photos of the work of finalists and winners of this year's art competition for Kent students and teachers at Turner Contemporary

Outside the gallery they appear to be building a large Wendy House out of MDF

Also unfortunately two arts closures in Margate, the first being the gallery "outside The Square" which was one of my favorites thed the other being the Thanet Council owned "Margate Media Centre"

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sketching around Ramsgate yesterday afternoon and this morning, possible ramble about blogs, drawing and so on.

I would say the tricky bit with art in the form of pictures is the initial drawing, or if you paint straight onto the blank paper or canvas without first drawing the picture you are going to paint.

You can of course trace or copy a photograph, you can also use a pencil and rubber and keep rubbing out the bits that come out wrong.

I don’t get a lot of time to draw and paint so it tends to mostly be watercolour paint or ink straight on to cheap paper, this is an irreversible process.

So in order starting with yesterday afternoon from my sketchpad, some thoughts on what went wrong.  
 Partly the vanishing point was too close, meaning too much angle on the top

 this was the second attempt straight after something went wrong bottom right the wall on the side of the arcade which is supposed to going away from you just did not.

 wrong angle on the end of The Oak, the photo should show what I mean

 The main reason here is that it was drawn at 6am this morning I think I probably sloping to the right as well as the picture.

 This was around 7.30 the lamppost showing through the campervan was not entirely my fault as it parked there after I drew the lamppost.
This was the lunchtime one from caffé LATTE, everything done in my lunch hour, walking there from my shop, eating the sandwich drawing the picture and getting back to work inside the hour. Mainly the buildings in the foreground got a bit too tall and thin.

A note about drawing people here, all their heads are at roughly the same height and the get shorter from the bottom up as they get further away.  

Next some thought on this blog, once again the comment is becoming a pain in neck, this is entirely due to contributors who can’t seem to manage to debate issues in an adult way. If you want to know what I mean take a look at

Most of this goes something like.

Rom. “Jul is an idiot”

Jul. “Rom is an idiot”

Rom “Jul is stupid”

Jul “Rom is absolutely bonkers”

Rom “Jul is absolutely bonkers”

Rom “Michael, Jul is calling me names, why haven’t you deleted Jul’s comments”

Michael “Read the comment guidelines below, email me the offending comment’s timestamp and web page address”

Then follows all the nonsense about reporting this blog to google, the only reporting facility google has is to get offensive blogs closed down, well I wish them the joy of that particular road.

This blog has around 50,000 comments on it and I would guess a few hundred have offended someone or another and they have reported the blog to google.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Save Manston Airport Group hand in a petition to parliament today, some thoughts on petitions and a sketch of Albert Square this morning.

I have to admit here to not understanding why SMA are handing in this petition as it simply doesn’t have anything like enough signatures for parliament to consider. The minimum number of verified signatures from UK citizens needs to be 100,000 for parliament to even consider debating the issue the petition is about. Why anyone would even consider handing in a petition of only 26,500 make one wonder about motives and advice.
The sketch of Albert Square in Ramsgate was a quick one before work this morning over a cup of coffee at Corby’s Tea Room, although Corby’s is in York Street the outside seating is at the back in Albert Square.
 On with the thoughts on petitions, which I will endeavour to add to if I get time today. 

The whole business of SMA and petitioning has got so confusing that I wonder if even the SMA committee know what is going on, I will endeavour to find the various Manston petitions and put some information about them here. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Petitions to Thanet District Council.

1 E-petition Started by: Oscar Maynard (Save Manston Airport Group)

Prayer: “We the undersigned petition the council to make a compulsory purchase of Manston, Kent's International Airport. We would also like Thanet District Council to look into the possibility of members of the public to buy bonds into this purchase.”

This ePetition ran from 16/05/2014 to 26/06/2014 and has now finished.

3361 people signed this ePetition.

Notes on this petition: as far as I can see this petition wasn’t verified in any way and doesn’t conform to the usual rules of only allowing respondents from a designated electoral area. It certainly doesn’t conform to the usual rules on starting a petition to a level of uk government as Oscar Maynard is a Guniversity undergraduate studying for his degree in the Netherlands, so he is not a UK resident at the moment.

Petitions to Kent County Council.

I can’t find any KCC petition on their website, see this is strange as I would have thought KCC would have been the nearest to representing the airports catchment area.

Perhaps there is one and I have missed it somehow.     

Petitions to UK Government.

1 E-petition Petitioning Sir Roger Gale
Place a Compulsory Purchase Order on Manston Airport, Kent

Prayer “We the undersigned do not want Ms Gloag and her cohorts to attempt to develop any part of Manston Airport. Ms Gloag has already shown her hand in talks over development of the the northern green area of the airport which she would like to build 1000 homes on and now the aiport is closed undoubtedly further pockets will suddenly be identified by her for housing development.

This must never happen, Thanet is a deprived area with unemployment levels nearly twice the South East Of England average. Housing developments will not bring proper full-time jobs but genuine managment & development of the airport can provide numerous jobs both on & off site.
Manston Airport will never be an overnight success but proved its ability to attract freight, training and some passenger services. It is an airport ready to use and develop not a folly yet to be built.
To ensure that development of the site remains as an airport we call on Thanet District Council to place a compulsory purchase order on Manston Airport, Kent. To reopen the airport for freight & service traffic and, after an initial period, to lease the site to a suitable”
Petition by
Richard Barber
Herne Bay, United Kingdom

Generalist Adviser at Citizens Advice Bureau, Herne Bay
February 2014 to present
Studies W200 etc at The College of Law
Past: The Open University and The College of Law 

2 Vote to keep Manston Airport open

Official verified UK parliament E-petition

Responsible department: Department for Transport
Prayer: “This petition is put together by locals who do not wish to see Manston Airport close down. Please take a minute to sign the petition and keep our local airport opened.”

Number of signatures:
Created by:
Gareth Cairns
21/03/2015 08:59        

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pen and Watercolour sketch of Minster Abbey in Thanet

This sketch of Minster Abbey that I drew today had some snags due to the weather, I think it would have been easier to define the shapes of the ruined end in bright sunlight. I think it is this ruined bit that dates from about 1,000 years ago and was once a lighthouse, when Minster was on the coast of the Wanstsum Channel, which made Thanet a true island.    

As you see the basic principle is the sketch in the defined parts of the building, scribble on the rest of it and honest the roof was red before the rain shower, which curtailed my sketching. Thanks to my wife who held up the umbrella while I finished applying the watercolour.   

Sorry I missed Ramsgate Carnival, other commitments, so no pictures this year

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pen and Watercolour Sketches of Ramsgate Today

 This Pen and Watercolour Sketch was drawn from Pier Yard in Ramsgate outside Coffee Shack, decent cup of tea for 80p.

 This Pen and Watercolour Sketch is of the bottom of Queen Street in Ramsgate from caffé LATTE where I had my lunch, cheese salad and Coca Cola, I think this was around £4 and very good.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Pen and watercolour sketch of Westwood Cross and a minor ramble about Manston.

Once again the fairer sex were in search of some elusive piece of shopping, don’t ask, so another sketch of Westwood Cross, not sure how far you can take the business with strange vanishing points and not quite optical illusions.
 My thanks here to the staff of Costa who didn't say a word although I was still sketching at their table long after they had closed.
The Save Manston Airport and the local Labour group were both campaigning in the middle of Ramsgate today, both times I passed SMA they were getting a hard time from people who didn’t want to pay, this may have been a fluke, but did interest me.

I think this one goes something like this.

To cpo the airport in a way that there is any control over its future use as an airport then the money would have to come out of the public purse.

Financing it by KCC and TDC would result in a council tax rise that would trigger a council tax rise referendum.

So this then produces the question, how much of a council tax rise would you be prepared to vote in, in order to save the airport?

The other main point of interest is the auction selling off the airport equipment, see whatever your views on the airport issue this is the largest auction to occur locally for some time and well worth a look. 

Bill & Janet Pitt at the York Street Gallery in Ramsgate

Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Pen and Watercolour Sketch of Deal High Street in Kent.

This pen and watercolour sketch of Deal High Street in Kent today
has some elements of optical illusion, which I don’t think would be easy to achieve with a camera. Nothing much you understand, for me anyway just enough to make it interesting to look at.

At one point during the sketching, when I had done the top, the buildings down about as far as the shop signs, the street became very crowded – something like it does with foreign students – but in this case with what I assume were ordinary Deal shoppers but it was as if they were in a slightly different dimension.

You will have to excuse me wittering on here artistically at the moment I am in the middle of a pair of parallel paintings and drawings – one an oil on canvas and the other a pen and ink – I think I will call the result, if I get one “The Impossible Bookshop”.  These are loosely based on the Pugin designed library in St Augustine’s Abbey in Ramsgate, a building that has the feel of MC Esher, where one expects to find an ape under the desk.
 Some thoughts on starting oil painting – which I am – here. If like me you don’t get much time and need to get it out and pack it away quickly a box that holds everything which doubles as an easel, called a french easel is a great help. I took the pictures below on opening mine up, note you can leave the paint on the palette in it and it doesn’t come into contact with anything else.

I got a bit more time on my oil painting, for me it seems to be easiest to work from the top left, so I don’t stick my hand in the paint, well here is a close up, as you can see I am learning brush control at the moment.