Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Some old Ramsgate and Margate pictures and a ramble

Just had a look at the local internet which is a – not much going on that we can do anything about that I can see, the Hornby Hobbies visitor centre on the old slipways site has fallen through. I’ve been posting about this site and various plans to develop it since 2010, see

For some reason the result of all of this has been a very messy building site and nothing else, which is bad for Ramsgate.

POW! Thanet's International Women's Day festival Wed 8 - Sat 11 Mar 2017 brings together fifty events over four days across the three main towns of Thanet. This year, their theme Movers and Makers has been chosen especially to tie in with Entangled: Threads & Making which features over 40 international women artists at Turner Contemporary. It’s an impressive looking program, here is the link

I am aiming to get back to Turner Contemporary and have another look at “Entangled: Threads & Making” an exhibition which I am having difficulty with, as it is all women artists this may be because I’m a man, so another go at that one.

If anyone knows of a good independently written review of this exhibition I would be glad if the could post the link in the comments.  

Sorry if some of the pictures are same old – same old, it’s very difficult to remember which ones I have put on here before, putting up local pictures on the internet most days for the last ten years has produced a bit of a memory malfunction.

My day off tomorrow as my bookshop in Ramsgate is closed on Thursdays so although a lot of books have gone out in the shop, best leave it ‘till Friday or Saturday. Here is the link to the pictures of the books

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

All About Ramsgate and Broadstairs 1864 and a minor Manston DCO update

Another old Ramsgate guide book featured today 

Here is the coloured frontispiece by W. McConnell

And here some pages for you to read

On to improbable Manston related stuff, I suppose like many Manston Airport related issues the draft consultation document makes sense to someone, not me however so I have emailed The Department for Transport  

 RiverOak’s Manston Airport proposals

Hi with reference to the Manston DCO pre application a draft consultation document has appeared on the Support Manston Airport website at I am uncertain whether this website is partly or wholly run and or financed by the applicant.

I can’t find this document the National Infrastructure Planning website or either of the applicant’s previous websites or

It appears that the applicant has now changed from an American company RiverOak Investment Corp., LLC One Atlantic Street, Suite 703 Stamford, CT 06901 U.S.A. to a UK company RiverOak Strategic Partners, 50 Broadway Westminster, London, United Kingdom, SW1H 0BL which doesn’t appear to have a website. Can you kindly confirm that this is correct.

I am assuming that as this draft consultation document has appeared in the public domain that this part of the process of determining the scope of the consultation and that eventually a formal consultation document will appear.

I am concerned that the scope of the proposed formal consultation is too narrow particularly with respect to the area within which residential and business addresses will be sent notification of the consultation by post.

I assumed that this type of notification would be sent to all those addresses under the low flying airport approach and takeoff flight path within the previously identified aircraft noise envelope.

Could you kindly clarify these issues and tell me how or if I can communicate input relating to the scope of the consultation based on having read the draft document.    

Best regards Michael

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Ramsgate in 1809

Today in the bookshop has been a mixture of catching up difficult bits of paperwork and in between diving into local history.

Anyway during the Napoleonic Wars which went on roughly from 1800 to 1815 – in books this is Sharpe – Hornblower country and in Ramsgate this is the when and why of a lot of our buildings.

Ramsgate you see was an officer training town with a parade ground where Wellington Crescent would be built between about 1820 and 1830. a lot of the more salubrious but slightly older buildings along the Nelson Sion Albion bit – look at the picture, well they were mostly built to rent out to officers in training. At that time a gentleman often travelled fairly heavy – wife, children, servants, horses, type of wosisname.

Around all of this developed a social life, marry off your daughters to eligible young officers and so on, all par top the development of a seaside holiday resort.

This is from the 1809 guide that I publish a cheap reprint of, see

as far as books that went out, here is Saturday's lot 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Waterstone’s St Margaret’s Street Canterbury photos, the end of an era, some old pictures of Ramsgate Harbour and Thanet Internet.

Are you local internet savvy? How do you use the internet to find out what’s going on locally? Here in Thanet we seem to lack an obvious social media site where people can comment about local matters – that is unless I’ve missed it.

The main (largest number of members) Facebook Page was Thanet Chat, which has now closed, the remaining viable pages with more than 1,000 members seem to be:- 

Thanet - It’s Rubbish Here Isn’t it? 

Does anyone know something I don’t? is there somewhere else I should be looking, is there somewhere else I should be posting my eclectic posts about local history, local books and local matters?

Next the photos of Waterstone’s St Margaret’s Street Canterbury, which is closing today, this was the largest bookshop in East Kent and I think it closing is a significant milestone.

Why do I think this is important given that you can get all the books it had in stock on the internet? I think the key here is that you can’t have a proper look at them before you buy them. And yes I do know we have other Waterstone’s bookshops, Rose Lane in Canterbury, Westwood Cross, Folkestone and Ashford, but none of them awe anything like as big.

For me this is the second really bad shop closing in Canterbury, the last one was Chromos the main artist’s material supplier in East Kent, fortunately we still have Lovelys in Cliftonville Margate.

We do now of course have lots of other places selling artist’s materials but they just don’t have the high-end range.

Finally the old photos of Ramsgate Harbour