Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Breakfast and more of the watercolour of Ramsgate Harbour Arches at Miles Café Culture and work at bookselling.

A nice morning his morning, nothing parked in my way and about an hour and a quarter from 8am until I had to go off to work in my bookshop for 9.30.

So here is the watercolour of Ramsgate Harbour Arches from Miles Café Culture

and as you can see all done over civilised coffee, toast and marmalade.

Here is yesterdays work in my bookshop in terms of the books that went out on the shelves yesterday this should be enough to keep on top of the books going out.

The issue/problem however you like to see it, is the fall in book prices over the last ten years, means we have to sell a great deal more in terms of quantity, this added top looking every book up online to make sure the shop price is cheaper than customers could buy the same book online, well it’s a lot of work.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Painting Ramsgate Harbour Arches from Miles Café Culture today, the before and after pictures and stuff.

Here are the before and after today’s work on the watercolour of Ramsgate Harbour Arches from Miles Café Culture.

I took a two hour lunch break so about an hour and a half painting and eating antipasti and drinking coke cost about £11

 Not long after I started a lorry parked in the way

So I did the bit I could see through the lorry's window

This was the situation before the lorry parked there so you can see the gap is/will be a white mast

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Canterbury Cathedral Watercolour Painting, spot the difference and paining people’s faces small enough to fit into watercolour paintings.

I didn’t get as much time in Canterbury today as I would have liked, we didn’t get there until about 1 o’clock and by 3.30 the light inside the café wasn’t really strong enough to see what I was putting on the paper properly.

I rather like the concept behind this picture, which was to draw a very loose sketch and then put the detail on it afterwards.

Anyway here are the before and after pictures of the watercolour of Canterbury Cathedral from The Chocolate Café in Canterbury today.

The business of painting people is much more difficult than the business of painting buildings, unless of course you are happy painting from a photograph, which I am not and painting people’s faces in a fairly small size, using watercolour is tricky.

Anyway I wound up doing this pretty much in the dark, so the likenesses could be better, I could see the people I was painting properly, but not the paper well enough to distinguish colours. Hence the porcelain doll problem, I just couldn't distinguish a pale flesh wash from plain water.

It got progressively darker from left to right with the one on the furthest to the right I could't see much in the way of shades at all 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Watercolour sketching in Margate today, Sands Hotel, Bernie’s Chocolate Café and Turner Contemporary Café.

This watercolour sketch is from The Sands Hotel in Margate

By way of explanation, one of the smoke alarms in my bookshop started making beeping noises indicative of a flat battery at 5am.

Having found the culprit and disarmed it
I tried to make coffee and realised the noise I was making trying to get last nights out of the wosisname was bad
I walked across the kitchen to get a spoon to dig it out, when the coffee fell out, high on caffeine I repaired to Margate, where
me being somewhat inconvenient after the coffee The Sands Hotel was the only place open and comes highly recommended for an early breakfast in Margate.

on to Bernie’s Chocolate Café where I did a bit to the painting I started the other week

on to Turner Contemporary, where I was handed a leaflet about all the stuff going on there today "Live in the Gallery" including "T S Eliot Margate and Madness" and being terrified that I would engage in some way, I went to Turner Contemporary Café where I was disturbed by
this label on a granite block but eventually got my stuff out ready to paint and had just roughed in the shape of the inside of the cafe, 
when a gallery attendant appeared and asked me if I wanted to make my confession, I explained that I was a bishop of The Church of Aphrodite and that after the Hyde Park festival I wan't going to make a confession either there or later in court
my painting then moved forward in the spirit of The Draughtsman's Contract, vide beauty spot and perhaps not,
  back to Bernie’s Chocolate Café, and up the stairs in previous picture of Bernie’s Chocolate Café, above, from which vantage point, also above I painted
 just in time
I had done so much work in my bookshop yesterday that the railway and ship books I processed yesterday seem to have leaked onto today's bookshop blog

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Painting the town of Sandwich and buying a useful manual - for flagellants - for my bookshop.

Here is the beginning of the watercolour painting of Sandwich Guildhall from the café over The Shop With No Name, I have added a 5p coin for scale in case anyone thinks that I am painting big pictures.

A photo for aspiring art critics.

Books Do Furnish A Room, don’t they? You know what is like when you go round to one your mates for a bevy and there is a beautiful bookcase, and then you approach it and the contents are boring boring boring and you think expletively. Don’t you? Particularly if the books are old ones, what? They should be knouted.

Flat Erick seemed very interested in this one and muttered something about, spare the rod and spoil the frog.

The C1880 edition will set you back about £15 or you could of course try kindling it, but this would mean you wouldn’t be able to display it on your bookshelves where your friends could see it, something that could lead to something else. 

I went on to buy Christmas underwear from M C Escher in Deal

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Painting Ramsgate Harbour Arches from Miles Bar Ramsgate at lunchtime today.

When I got back from lunch, she who must be obeyed said my Painting of Ramsgate Harbour Arches looked smaller than she expected, so I have included the 50p for scale.

I had text it to her when the sun started shining in my eyes and I had to stop.

There wasn’t much of my lunchtime left, so I turned round and did a quick pen sketch of the inside of Miles Bar Ramsgate and went back to work to price more railway books.   

With a bit of luck it will be cloudy next time and I can get some more of the painting done.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Books about Railway Trains, all in a days work.

Back to work today and I put on my anorak and processed railway books, I am interested in trains, published a book on the Ramsgate Railways, see and the following links for some historical pictures of Ramsgate that I used in the book
I’ve got about another hundred railway books to process and no other takers for the job.

Of course other books got possessed, here is the link to the pictures of the books we put out in the bookshop today and as you can see I didn’t do that much work today.

This is the view from my workstation, station being the operative word here. Back in the day when I misspent my youth trains ran on steam and once I managed to get away to boarding school, I travelled there by steam train. Breakfast on the train from Ramsgate to London and lunch on the train from London to Alton. So perhaps I have developed some sort of empathy with steam trains.

Anyway as the day wore on and I rubbed out old prices, dusted off the train books, covered the dust jackets with cellophane, looked them up on Amazon and pencilled prices a bit cheaper than the Amazon ones in the books, suddenly the shop filled up with a very strong smell of steam train.  

Frankly I thought the toys in my attic had finally come completely loose and I rather cautiously asked she who must be obeyed if she could smell steam train, like burning coal and long boiled kettle and yes she could, not just weird but positively wyrd.   

So I guess I haven’t gone off the rails, I am sitting at my desk with my lollypop, which is very like my workstation – the desk not the lollypop – typing up this blog post with Flat Eric invigilating, spelling grammar and content fails, wondering who the frog is – I don’t like to ask in case I should know. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Chocolate Café in Canterbury watercolour painting of Canterbury Cathedral spot the difference and some sketches of people in the café today.

As shopping was on the agenda today and it is an activity to which I have a severe allergy, I spent a large part of the day in Chocolate Café.

So here are the before and afters – spot the difference with

the watercolour painting of Canterbury Cathedral. The technique being to do a very loose sketch and then paint detail over the top. Click compulsively on pictures to make them bigger and bigger. 

Inbetweenthepaint what? Psyche myself up to sketch the people, try this if you can, very interesting. But? Stupid, perhaps not.