Friday, 2 December 2016

Supper at Enoteca and the Ramsgate Christmas marina boat owners lights have started to turn on.

A couple of my favourite Ramsgate experiences supper at Enoteca and the Ramsgate Christmas marina boat owners Christmas lights, I promise to go down to the harbour with a proper camera which is better in low light than a mobile phone camera due to the size of the lens letting more light in.

Here are the books that went out on the shelves in my bookshop today, bibliophiles should click on the link

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The three graces, grace Margate’s Turner Contemporary, disgraceful crafts in Ramsgate and some pictures of Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs.

Went to Margate today to look at the new art exhibit “The Three Graces” it was bigger than I expected, despite getting right in the corner with my mobile phone I couldn’t fit it all in, the stuff I took with my mobile phone today, like all the stuff I take with it gets automatically stored online. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to see the rather boring stuff I took with my mobile today but as it does show the difficulty I had – fitting it in, as it were, here’s the link  

Knowing something about art I was expecting something more like this representing youf, larfs and wosisname

Or even something a bit more armless, but at least something small enough to get a picture of with mi phone.

Like quite a lot of men of a certain age I have a shed where I go off to play with myself which means I get called upon to odd jobs, and cutting corners – today I found that when installing a lock, if the door jam gets in the way of the router you can lever it up a bit take one handle off the router, slip it under the jam, screw the handle back on and get routing away. Useful info for the aspiring shed man.

Good sunset in Margate this afternoon, tried various photos of it with phone, this is the best I could do.

Here are the old Thanet Photos.    

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Photo of the steam tug Cervia working at Gravesend

As I guess most readers know this is the tug that is now in Ramsgate Harbour that you can take a tour of in the summer months. I came across this picture of her at work in Gravesend during my daily toil in mybookshop and thought it interesting enough to post here.

Cervia has a bit of a chequered history, which includes turning turtle and drowning the crew so an interesting boat which I have blogged about on numerous occasions, here is the link to some of my old posts about her

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Truro Court Hotel Ramsgate and the mystery tunnel

I received this email from Ben yesterday’

“I haven’t heard of this tunnel – has anybody else?


East Kent Times, 9th March 1962.


During demolition of the Truro Court Hotel, East Cliff, Ramsgate, three men working on the site uncovered an old tunnel which, they believe, goes down to the cliff face.

David Ralph, Allan Bellis and Frank Bovington took an East Kent Times and Broadstairs Mail reporter into the tunnel, which descends at an acute angle to about 60ft below the surface of Ramsgate.  Their journey ended in a room roughly hewn in the chalk.  Below that was barbed wire and a brick wall.

Mr, Bellis said he believes the tunnel was used as an air raid shelter by the R.A.F when they used the hotel in World War II.  Before that it could have been a smugglers’ entrance from the sea.

Although he has made several inquiries, Mr. Bellis can find no one who knows anything about the tunnels.”

Anyway I don’t know the  answer to this one but I thought blog readers would like to know what I have done about it so far.

First I quickly copied all the photos showing the area in the album next to my desk.

They come next and will expand if clicked on

Next as a minor divertion i copied the backs of any with writing on the back

Then I  cropped out the bit where Truro Court was

then I found a few few pictures on the internet, here they are

Now my own thoughts. First an embarrassing admission. For years I confused Trove Court in Ramsgate with Truro Court in Ramsgate.

When  I dfl’d in around 1965 we bought a guest house “The Kyles” at 29 Augusta road  the back entrance of which was right next to the remains of Truro Court Hotel, we used to use this as a short cut from our back gate to Wellington  Crescent.

For a very long time when someone said either Trove Court in Ramsgate or Truro Court in Ramsgate I thought they meant our shortcut.

This means my memories of whet people may have said about it are even more muddled than usual.

Then the practicalities of the tunnel, the inference from the smuggling is a tunnel towards the sea. The problem is that that would go through the railway tunnel Augusta steps or the HMS Fervent tunnel system.

1872 map

1849 map

Wellington Lodge and Augusta Lodge

1829 map