Thursday, 5 May 2016

Wacky Westgate and ramble

It took me some time to get out from under the covers this morning, us fogies are supposed not to need any sleep – but you know how it is or perhaps you don’t. My day off today and I lay under the covers thinking about my dreams and eventually got going late. Anyway I eventually made it to Westgate, to look at some books, which it transpired I didn’t want to buy, so I eventually wound up in Fredricks Tea Room in part of The Carlton Cinema building contemplating the Victorian buildings opposite.

Should we be doing more to preserve our Victorian buildings do you think?

Look at these two, once. When? About 1885 perhaps. They must have been a matched pair - twins as it were.

A close look reveals fancy brickwork and tiles; if you fancy that sort of thing.
see the brickwork between the widows has been replaced and it looks like there was once a sort of brick pillar effect between them

 Like this perhaps

The Victorians certainly left there mark

On to Canterbury for more books

a lunch of chocolate, cherries and ice cream

a sketch which ran out of time.

That was my sunny day, how was yours?

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Robert Onion at York Street Gallery in Ramsgate

The current exhibition is by Ramsgate Artist Robert Onion Exhibition runs  4th May - 11th May Exhibitions change weekly on Wednesdays.

Isle of Thanet Visitors Guide for 1901 + ramble

A featured local book today, one of the ones I do a modern reprint facsimile wosisname, here is the inevitable link to the buy it now and below the first 25 pages of the guide which should expand if you click on them.

The council have just sent me the press release saying that they exchanged contracts on the Pav yesterday, which is due to open next summer.

Lunch, all day breakfast, wosisname at Candy’s aka Topps – oh well £3 inc tea

I tried to sketch the Pav over lunch, but as you see it didn’t quite work out, trouble is that the variegations that would give it shape are for the most part in reality virtually flat – a straight line in reality. So this is one of several preliminary sketches that form part of the process of me working out how to draw it so it looks both three dimensional and fairly normal.