Saturday, 4 July 2020

Do you recognise this Thanet photo? Today's walk photos and I get barred from We Love Old Ramsgate Facebook Group

Do you know where in Thanet this is? You can also add roughly when and where it was taken from

I wonder what I did to get banned from We Love Old Ramsgate Facebook Group, a bit rough on all the members who used to enjoy and comment on my blog posts that were linked to there. Perhaps one of the admins got one of the mystery photos wrong.

The answer to yesterday's photo
 easiest with a photo I took from the same spot yesterday
The tidal ball mast is visible in both photos, the old Foy Boat and the new one in scaffolding

 A windy day, reasonably clear as you can see from this ship on the horizon zoom picture

 good to see lifeguards back on Ramsgate Sands

The Pleasurama development is progressing fairly rapidly

another handheld zoom video today

sorry it's a bit jumpy

A couple of Facebook comments from people who can't get out for a walk at all, so here is
link to all of the photos on my walk today
I have even left in the ones where i missed the shot or the focus.

The camera today was my Nikon P610 which just fits in the pocket of my Barbour jacket, a piece of clothing that works well with weather like we have today. The snag is that if you wax it with Barbour wax it smell terrible, however I wax mine with Antiquax which works fine and smell OK.

I went right off man made made fibres years ago and with plastic pollution it was probably a good move. Waxed cotton is much cooler than plastic based fibers like nylon and polyester when it's warm windy and likely to rain.


Friday, 3 July 2020

Do you know old Ramsgate?

Do you know where in Thanet this photo shows? Anyone who want a bit more of a chanange the same view appears somewhere in the photos I have taken in the last few days, see if you can find it, here are the links.

photos 1

photos 2

photos 3

photos 4

Will you be going out to eat or drink from tomorrow? We still don't think it's safe enough to reopen Michael's Bookshop here in Ramsgate - apart from the obvious problem of not being allowed to buy stock because we can't visit peoples houses to buy book collections.

I'm very pleased the council have announced that they will close Harbour Parade to traffic, see article link  when it is busy the traffic makes in very difficult to maintain social distancing there now and that's with all the cafe culture closed.

This action well probably save people's lives, especially health workers and the vulnerable, it will also help reduce the likelihood of Thanet having to go into local lockdown.   

Answers to the last lot
 Ramsgate Government Acre, Bucket and Spade Run

 the photos above and below are of Margate Meltdown
 1934 Historical Pageant Ellington Park

 Ramsgate's maritime heritage has had a bit of a bumpy ride

 I was particularly annoyed when the heritage pontoons closed

Dancing Queen Broadstairs

Monday, 29 June 2020

Do you recognise these Thanet events answers perhaps

 do you recognise this event?

 the photos above and below are of the same event
 When and where was this event? I will put the answers up in the next post

 Ramsgate's maritime heritage has had a bit of a bumpy ride

 I was particularly annoyed when the heritage pontoons closed

this is a difficult event to name, I don't think I would have got it


This is the cafe in the middle of the main sands

 I think the most notable part of this photo is that you can see right through the old railway station that later became Pleasurama

The Cutter Emanuel in the foreground and The Sundowner in the background.

 I think the Manston Airport freight hud decision is due by the 10th of next month here is the link to the official document announcing the date.

 Apparently TDC are moving Ramsgate Market to Pier Yard

Is this about TDC not understanding Ramsgate or not wanting Ramsgate to compete with Margate,  parking revenues.

The only really viable solutions are, market in Staffordshire St car park and no traffic on Harbour Parade so people can maintain social distancing when the cafe culture opens.

The alternative being an increased mortality rate and possible local lockdowns.

Perhaps it's a UK thing see today's BBC article

If you have persevered this far down the blog, do you know what this is the entrance to?

the sea across the harbour this evening, sorry not very steady, should have take a tripod

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Pictures from the past, the answers to yesterday's post etc

Do you know which Thanet business?

Do you recognise the two historic vessels in this Thanet photo?

What do you see in in this old Thanet photo? if you click on it a couple of times it should get bigger.

Dreamland has come a long way in a short time

mind you so has Ramsgate, do you recognise this sorry sight?

Do you recognise anyone in this picture?

Do you know where in thanet Hunt's Library was?

Do you recognise anyone in this picture?

Above is an artists impression of one of the Pleasurama submissions, as I remember the developer was to have been Westcliff Park Estates who have produced the very attractive development opposite the boating pool on the westcliff in Ramsgate.

Part of the offer was to have been a swimming pool on the ground floor, this would have been given to the town on completion.

The council turned down the developer on the grounds that they were financially unsound and opted instead for an offshore company whose accounts were a secret.

You will notice the most important factor about this development is that it is only four stories high, this means that it would have fitted in the space available, between the high tilde mark and the cliff top.

The main problem with the plans that the council have approved is that the building is five stories tall and therefore may not fit in the available space.

Yesterday's answers
 Rooks Butchers Ramsgate

 Cafe between the Pavilion and Pleasurama site

 TV Bond Ramsgate High Street note the sign

As I DFL'd back in the 60s I have lest the comments on various local facebook groups to identify the people.

Tec next

I have the dubious privilege of managing tec for a fairly large and extended family and so this week I bought a very cheap Windows 10 laptop come tablet.

This is a Linx 12 x64 that comes with Windows 10 home edition and sells new for about £200 I bought an as new secondhand one on Ebay for £132 inc postage. A student would probably also need MS Office, many of the schools provide this for nothing.

It is my first experience of a laptop where the screen comes off and you can use Windows in tablet mode.

I bought  it to  write this blog with when out and about  which is what  I am doing at the moment, although not  out or  about  and with a usb mouse plugged in  it's very  good as a small laptop.

  take the keyboard off and it's very portable

As a tablet it is nothing like as Good as an android tablet in terms of free apps, but for writing blogs and essays when you are used to a windows environment, it is very good indeed. word processor wise there is a free online version of Office and I would say it would be adequate for GCSEs. A-levels and a lot of university courses. 

For anyone who has limited funds and needs to replace a windows computer it's well worth laptop mode with the keyboard attached and a usb mouse plugged in it behaves just like an expensive Windows 10 computer.

I particularly like typing on the virtual keyboard in tablet mode, this can be very difficult on an android tablet where there are buttons below the space bar.

on the coronavirus front 

the vaccine at the most advanced phase of trialling is the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca's ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 drug, with studies underway to determine "its efficacy, safety and immunogenicity."

The country working on the highest number of vaccines in a clinical phase by this point is China, followed by US, UK and Germany.