Thursday 31 October 2019

Old Photos Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs, Katrina Dallamore and June Nolan at Nice Things Harbour Street Ramsgate a bit of carpet painting in Wethersoons for me

I think this is the most difficult photo to identify, try and work out where in Thanet it is, before you look at the answer which is written backwards right at the end of this post

Bit of a lazy approach to blogging this evening, taking photos of photos from the heap of photos nearest me,
 This next one, as you can see the postmark is 1921 but to me it looks to have been taken before WW1 judging by the dresses, vehicles and the bathing machines.

 A couple of before and after 1900 photos of York Gate in Broadstairs

Next the photos of the Katrina Dallamore and June Nolan art exhibition at Nice Things Harbour Street Ramsgate

+ a bit of new stock at Nice Things

On to the Pav, while children were entertaining themselves on the beach

While obviously an elasmobranch, is it a skate or a stingray?

Sorry I digress, while the beach was being enjoyed, I slid into Wetherspoons aka The Royal Victoria Pavilion and tried to paint in the carpet on the balcony 
This is harder than you would expect, getting carpets to exhibit floorishness so the don't look like magic carpets floating above the tabletops.
Particularly while trying to achieve the uppishness generally associated with balconies.

Learning to paint by doing it has pros and cons, the main pro is probably developing paintings that don't look like a lot of other paintings.

With Michael's Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate being so busy this month I haven't had very much time to paint this month. I put it down to the lack of free and inexpensive activities, outside of food and drink, that are likely to appeal to family groups, particularly as winter approaches.

Link to the photos of the books we put out yesterday

Finally as promised the picture at the top of this post, written backwards


Wednesday 30 October 2019

ten years ago it was misty here in Ramsgate at the end of October




Snow in Ramsgate the folder says Feb 2009, but the files say Feb 2010, I wonder which is right?

Anyone remember Cash Maker in York Street Ramsgate?