Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Ramsgate Clockhouse light and dark, The sale of Kent Place in Ramsgate and The Turner Centre in Margate

 Ramsgate Clockhouse has been very dark for some time, this was because the bulb behind the clockface had burnt out and nothing to do with the period from around 1842 to 1881 when it had a blackface.
 After getting a bin outside Michael's bookshop where I work in Ramsgate I was pleased to see the bulb has been replaced when
 I wandered down to Wetherspoons aka the Pav this evening for a bite to eat and a bit more of a daub on my watercolour of the view from the balcony.
 Good are to paint in, this is a page from one of Turner's sketchbooks Pier Castle bottom left and the buildings tat used to stand on Pier Yard car park top right
 Here is the sale document for Kent Place in 1837
 signed by Mary Townley two years before she died.
And here the an artist's impression for The Turner Centre [Snohetta and Spence's design for the Turner Centre] the scale model was washed away by the sea and the design abandoned.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Photos of people on the sands and thank you Thanet District Council.+ a Pleasurama sandwich question reanswered

Do you notice anything strange in the photo below?
All I can say is. "Thank you Thanet District Council." When I first rented the building above in 1987 and opened the bookshop, this part of King Street in Ramsgate was a reasonable secondary shopping area on a busy road. Despite there being perhaps 100 time the amount of traffic because all of the town centre through traffic went along King Street had Queen Street before pedestrianisation, there was a lot of on free on street parking. But it's not that, it all went to the double yellow peril years ago. The other thing was had was rubbish bins and they were all removed years ago, but yesterday two council workers turned up with a bin which they bolted to the pavement outside.

There is already a marked improvement, people tend to gather outside Costcutter and before there was nowhere for them to put their rubbish. Once again, thank you TDC. We are in the middle of one of the most deprived wards in the UK, we don't expect much and don't get much, badly uneven pavements, blocked drains, missing street lights and bad design are the norm not the exception.
The archive photos today are of people on the beach in Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs.

These 2 photos are for a council officer I was talking to the other day who said he didn't believe me when I explained the Pleasurama henge foundations don't extend down to the chalk bedrock, but just sit on the sand which used to be the beach.

The photos speak for themselves really.
A busy day where work in Ramsgate at Michael's Bookshop, butter side down on my DIY draught excluder, buy some more and put it on again, sums up today's activities.

pictures of the books we put out today 

Monday, 14 October 2019

World War One Ramsgate Tug Chub and Margate 1897 Turner Geography

I couldn't really believe what I was seeing in this photo, Chub (ex-Vinca), boarding tug,  Built 1909, 150 (gross register) tons. Purchased as unarmed boarding vessel with Downs Boarding Flotilla, based at Ramsgate up to 1918, in service 30.7.14-15.12.19.

Note the fishing smacks in the photo.

The Margate ones, all say 1897 storm which should help to improve my understanding of the layout of Margate seafront at this time

Workwise a quiet day at Michael's Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate, I spent a fair bit of the day battening the shop down for winter, draught excluder is much easier to put on before it gets cold.

link to photos of the books we put out today

Saturday, 12 October 2019

Margate caves then onto McDonald's and E Turner Tea + Ramsgate Tunnels 2010

We visited Margate caves today, I have often speculated as to what they were originally for. My guess would be part of some sort of 18th century industrial operation they are very close to the site that Turner the famous artist painted a picture of what appears to me to be Tinning Works.

With chalk the main candidates in the mid 1700s would be glassworks or paperworks and i would guess with sand available nearby, most likely a glassworks.

Perhaps the Flaig Glassworks started there did Margate ever have a "glass cone"? one to look out for in old pictures perhaps.

the deep brackish were probably it's always been to near the sea freshwater and as part of such an early sight seems a bit of an unlikely one and I don't think anyone lived in that part in Margate that time full stop my guess would be some operation that required a lot of lime because it may have been cut out tourist attraction hard to say which York.

Link to the rest of the Margate Caves Photos

So Thursday in Margate We bought some books for the bookshop and and had another look at the situation in the High Street which seems to be improving a lot.

You know they say England is tea drinking country but honestly we reaching a point where while you can get masses of different and exotic coffees to get a known make of tea you have to go to McDonald's this was something I couldn't achieve in turner contemporary.

So down to Margate Mcdonald's for named Tea
Or is it up
Actually drinkable, I am also considering food options to help mitigate climate change so less cow.

More of the Margate photos from McDonald's to Turner Contemporary

And of course the new Turner Score Note

There seemed to be a striking resemblance

to the watercolour sketch I did for blog post in 2011

I managed to interact with an exhibit called Welcome Chous


Bookshop wise we have been fairly busy, part of the reason that I haven't posted a blog since the middle of the week

links to the books we put out on:-


Of course we now have a new Thanet Council leader and administration, I would say mostly because the council manage to forget Ramsgate. Partly though because the councilors seem to be focussed on bringing back 1970. While this may appeal to some of the older voters...

Back underground but in Ramsgate Tunnels in 1910, click to expand

 This last image relates to one of the comments