Sunday 30 July 2023

Ramsgate Carnival 2023 Photos


Click here for 500 photos of Ramsgate carnival 2023 mostly taken from outside Michael's Bookshop in King Street

Here are the links to the 2022 carnival pictures

if I get time I will delete the worst of the photos and publish them in more conventional way.

Here is the link to the more conventional upload however they will be compressed files

Here are the links to some previous years pictures of Ramsgate carnival



Next some pictures of Ramsgate carnival in 1968

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Chuck and Blade Ramsgate View, Thanet Archive Photos and Bookshopping in Faversham


Can you spot the error in this AI produced view of Ramsgate from Chuck and Blade Burgers ?

I thought AI could produce a round picture from a round building and the robot and I nearly got it right. 

This bank building that has been Pizza Express, Travellers in Italy, and is now a Chuck and Blade Burgers started out life just before 1900 as the National Westminster Bank. You can see the tall Granville tower which was lowered to the height is now in 1900 and of course the national Westminster Bank completed in the photo above, you'll probably have to do a bit of tapping or clicking to expand it.

The demolishing of The Albion Hotel which was on the site and the building of Madeira walk and the National Westminster Bank was all result of the Ramsgate improvement act 1878

My guess is that it was built around 1897 above is a photograph of the construction happening.

Next comes from pictures taken inside Chuck and blade burgers in Ramsgate. The pictures will all expand with a bit of clicking.

The meal we had was excellent burgers chips and drink for two people cost about £30. Secondhand bookselling and publishing books about the history of the Isle of a Thanet doesn't make a profit that it does supplement my income so I wouldn't be able to afford to do this very often.

Next some historic pictures of Ramsgate and Margate harbours

Here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate we sell about 100 books per day and as we open 4 days a week this means we have to find 400 quality books every week so we spend a lot of the time when the bookshop is closed out and about buying books. You can see what we have bought by clicking on the link to our new acquisitions website where we but photos of the books as we price them.

Onto book buying in Faversham yesterday.. Faversham still has a second hand bookshop and now has a recently opened new bookshop so this is a good town to go bookshopping.

I had lunch at the Sun Hotel which is opposite the secondhand bookshop. A very substantial beef and stilton sandwich combined with a pot of tea cost about £10.

We had hoped to play pool at the Churchill Tavern but the pool table was closed so we went on for a drink at the Queen Charlotte Pub in Ramsgate