Thursday 30 July 2015

Some pictures of Deal in Kent, I buy Eric some presents as he says it may be his birthday, books for my bookshop and some thoughts on learning music.

 Deal today I bought a few fairly ordinary books, had a small cheddar ploughmans in
Isaura's Fine Food bought some better books, this is where ploughman eat and has nothing whatsoever to do with ones that go under the same name and are aimed at people who don't know about cheddar.
 went back to Isaura's Fine Food and had tea and cake and bought some even better books
 Took some photos of the fun fair

 sketched the dodgems while the youf of today were driving sedately around

 took some photos of cars

 took some photos of winches and engines

 showman's vans

 this is the one I drew at Isaura's Fine Food
 this is broadstairs Albion Hotel before everyone else had surfaced
 I bought Eric a new pencil
 and a new guitar lead
 here are the ordinary books I bought today
these are the better ones which hopefully will pay for lunch the pencil and lead

I have started trying to learn music again and am considering recording my progress on this blog, any thoughts?