Tuesday 31 July 2018

On The Sands in the early 1900s, painting on the sundeck of the Pav today, nothing out of the ordinary

I skived off for a long lunch break today, a bit more watercolour painting

all a bit on the small side. Lots of layers, taking Mr Turners advice.

I am getting to the point where I think I am going to have to start painting something a bit more creative than just what I can see from where I happen to be sitting.

The high point of my visit to the Pav today one one of the Wetherspoons staff at the top or the external stairs asking people not to use them. He even had a voice like Dom Joly and for a moment I thought I had stumbled into an episode of Trigger Happy. My guess is he was a new worker and someone had done the equivalent of sending him to fetch a sky hook, long wait, tartan paint in the way of the classic rookie joke.

The bookshop was busy again today and for any dedicated followers this is the link to pictures of the books we put out   

Out and about today the weirdest thing was 
 this, two wosisnames on the horizon off Ramsgate, I do promise to get a better camera once I work out which one to get. My ancient Nikon P90 has a lot of zoom but not enough.

on to the historic photos which I think mostly date from between 1900 and 1910 

Monday 30 July 2018

Margate and Ramsgate pictures, same old

This photo of Margate that is one of the ones I posted yesterday has been niggling away like the local history equivalent of the square root of minus one.

 Jetty entrance but where was the jetty, just off to one side I suppose
Funny how old pictures of the pier without the harbour arm seem fine but old pictures of the harbour arm without the pier seem vaguely disturbing.

  I suppose because of the pier being washed away and not replaced.

Whereas when the harbour arm and lighthouse gets storm damage
it gets rebuilt.

Workwise the impact of ITC on the more traditional secondhand bookshop seems to be lessening all the time making the bookshop busier, so not that many books got priced and put out today this is the link to the those that did ITCwise I have just copied 8,400 old pictures of Ramsgate from cloud to cloud.

As an old computer hand I can't stress the importance of saving stuff to the internet cloud

old Ramsgate photos next

I have just got back from my after work walk so this is the link to this evening's snapshots 

Sunday 29 July 2018

Ramsgate and Margate Harbour photos

 A bit of a wet day off today and back to work tomorrow. According to the BBC I seem to be guilty of Tsundoku Here is the link fortunately they mostly go somewhere Here is the link
 I went to write the blog starting with finding a few old pictures of both harbours but seem to have drifted off into looking at the pictures
 Anyway I'll publish the post and if I think of anything to say I will add it.

When William Lambard was appointed justice of the peace he wrote  A perambulation of Kent, conteining the description, hystorie, and customes of that shire; written in the yeere 1570, first published in the year 1576.

The edition I have used is much later but below are the main bits on Thanet