Wednesday 20 May 2020

mystery photos, answers and the rest of it

Q1 where in Thanet?

Q2 which Thanet park

Q3 which Thanet building?

The Eagle in Ramsgate High Street

Then the wosisname

Back in the day you could buy singles that had been on a jukebox and had had the centres popped out, they were very cheap and contribute to my collection of music I am embarrassed to have bought.

It does look as though the Pleasurama development is being built here in Ramsgate, a few recent photos next

Coronavirus next

To my mind things in the UK still look pretty bad

One of the main websites for looking at the graphs and figures is Our World in Data

here is the link

and a couple of graphs from it

Another is WorldOmeter

here is the link to it

and the beginning of the main table from yesterday

 My feelings are that you have to balance any comparison between countries by taking the size of their population into account.